Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KLDW update

Last day of KLDW..I am glad to be part of it, such a great platform for me as a designer to showcase and get to know my product buyer. Despite of lack of promotion for this event, I am be able to get to know many new friends, build up next working and have a clear picture on the direction I am heading to.
Wonderful people that dropby; spiritual support that touch my heart deeply.
Oyeen Butet & Ann. Sweet Pi Chuey & Chanthana.
Book Binding slot with Chin Ven.
Boink and girls from UiTM.
We had treasure hunt "The Siao Lanun Hunt" yesterday..and it was extremely fun. Adhoc iniatiative made by a few exhibitors. And the work that everyone focusing in make it happen was such a wonderful effort. To lanun gang that make it happen; Mike Tan the president, Tuck Loong; you are rock, Suweii, Sweii, Lorna, Behance group, Hydra Skin group, Aaron from Individium, Gypsy Gorgeous Gee, and the participants:) Muaaaahhh to all of you.

Lanun Gang...
Super Everything Show...and I am ZZZZzzzzZZZ:)

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