Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KLDW>>Day 07

2 students attended morning slot; Cliff & Eleena..another 2 great students:) Gonna post some photo soon..

I had the whole free afternoon to welcome visitors to our space. Many familiar faces dropby and also a total unexpected stranger that came to give full support..and it touch my heart by a sincere appreciation Lina & me received:) I can't thank enough...

The other great part was discussing & planning with all exhibitors for upcoming treasure hunt will be held this Saturday conjunction with KLDW. I am so excited for the initiative shown by all exhibitor and for who ever have intention of coming this Saturday, I extremely encourage you all to participate in the game. 

I had an official offer letter from Dasein first class at Dasein going to be on 12/October/8.30am-11.30am/applied design/semester 02. That was 3 days after Terengganu trip on 7, 8 & 9 for Sultan Mizan Cup CSR training...and a gila week after KL design week chasing for design collaterals and  few of design/branding proposals. Total pheeeewwww:) I can see my work pattern gonna be different next year... The honeymoon is over, I might not doing so much workshop & bazaar anymore..but I can see many potential collaboration project and exciting opportunity are coming along.

Time to break of from red ocean to blue ocean. Nicest journey but I am sure there are many exciting things waiting..Alhamdullillah:)//syam

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