Sunday, April 25, 2010

See You There!

Little Syam will participate in KLDW 2010, having my own booth corner at 1st floor, Cap Square Kuala Lumpur. What can be found at Little Syam Booth?:

1) Art & Craft product from RM5-RM100.
2) Adopt a Dolltopia, a handmade doll character by Little Syam.
3) Book binding demo, or if you have more time you could have on the spot lesson on coptic binding with minimal charge of RM15. Certificate will be given to you with your finish product.
4) And many more.

WHEN? Saturday 1st - Sunday 9th May 2010
WHERE? CapSquare KL
TIME? 10am-10pm
Location: Cap Square KL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Bye DDEC

It was such a great journey; happy, sweet, sour, painful all mixed up..I thought it going to be hard to leave but, when my priority is different, the decision was really easy.. I will fly this time.. doing things that I love to do, being selective with work I wanna do. I believe God have a better plan for me.. what was happened just a way to shaken me that make me awake, to warn me that my deadline is so close. Got to build my own little empire before it is too late..

I am on my own now, beside money I just wanna be happy. My top priority at this moment is to  spend my time with arissa and syamil..InsyaAllah all the sour will be the stepping stone for me, to give me courage to become a better person, successful on my own way. That all I wanna do at this juncture.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Siapalah yang akan menghibur hati ini dalam perjalanan ke ofis????? Siapalah yang akan membuat aku dan Syamil berkongsi gelak ketawa lagi???Betapa rapuhnya nyawa di muka bumi ini....Esok lusa mungkin giliran kita pulak... Kematian ke dua celebrity yang sangat dirasai selepas Yasmin Ahmad... Semoga arwah tergolong dikalangan orang yang beriman.

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Linda Supian
Linda Supian 
Eh it's 4 in the morning tak tido lagi?
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Samsiah Jendol
Samsiah Jendol 
Bila dah terbangun.... susah nak tidur.. ternampak status c'deen... 

I thought he was stronger.. that can fight his illness. Memang beri kesan sangat to me, because sending syamil to school is the most precious moment to me...and we always layan Din Beramboi kat radio... I hardly have time at home, dan tak ada yang lebih menggembirakan to start a day tengok syamil yang gelak dengar lawak bodoh Din Beramboi.... ..this small little thing really make me so emotional....