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Lalalalala..what a day:)

Being so blessed to be featured in Home& Deco magazine October issue:) New project Making a pasport holder for my New Zealand trip:)   Having my breakfast before Fuyoh Bazaar She following me to Fuyoh Art Bazaar Squeezing my self to join Fuyoh Art Bazaar. It was been so long since I join Fuyoh. Was sharing with Shasha and Emi and it could be a good exposure for Shasha too. Looking at the weather lately I am not sure if outdoor bazaar is a good idea. What an experience, especially for Shasha..but I had fun as usual. Bff; Nana & Eita dropped by on Saturday day and Emi joining in, sharing the space on the first day. Arissa had so much fun running around, so it was not too bad:) Budak perasan cantik; Arissa My neighbour are rawwwkkkksss:)   So bless to have someone came all the way to support. Thank you Yvonne Chan:) Yin Sze Lim:) She's the funniest student I ever had:) Good to see her:) Ohhhh bad weather please gooooo away:) At t

What a day:(

I hate this day, I do not remember the last time when I've applied for the new passport it was this hard. I am wasting one whole day waiting for my turn, waiting to pay the cost, and waiting for the passport. This is the bad side of me…I can became such a grumpy old women just by have to wait and queue. But for the sake of going back to New Zealand, I just need to be patient. In between waiting for my number at Imegresen me and Shasha was rushing to JPJ to apply for an International Driving Permit. I will spend my time in New Zealand driving from one town to another.  Going to transit at Melbourne for 4 days before flying down to Auckland and drive down to Wellington. And all the accommodation in Melbourne has been arranged. Amanda my bffs working for TUNE HOTEL, so that's where me and Shasha will be located for 4 days. I wanted to visit a galleries, the market, Kilda beach, and join the walk for art tour, and someone mentioned the coffee are super great over t


Get to know Dian, when she came to my workshop at KDU, and she came again to learn different binding technique at Fabric fanatics. Last month she contacted me if I could make a 40 books/journal for the programme she works on. And I say YES simply because I like her personally. How funny you being connected with people by just follow your instinct and vibe. Instead of busy with stuff I am currently working on, I think this project could be something fun to work with.  What is  #TSBreakAway ?  Tourism Selangor is embarking on a new and exciting program and they invite anyone who would like to participate to be a part of their little history in the making.  #TSBreakAway  is gathering like-minded people, exploring, learning and exchanging ideas on a journey of new discoveries around Selangor. Be it bloggers, professionals and rookies, avid photographers and hobbyists, who have existing blogs or just starting out, this is an exciting event where anyone will meet and ming

Workshop @ The One Academy

Writing this like trying to memorise what happening few months back. I have no space to think, I just do whatever that come, like a smooth journey. This workshop has been planned since few months ago. I have full attendance and it was really great looking at all student that hunger to learn this new skill. We went quite early in the morning, was just afraid I might get lost, Sunway was just a corner of world that I am not intent of going unless necessary. Hahaha:) I remember the name of the girl with the red hair, the last to arrive, Adele with very fluent Bahasa:) I am sorry if I can't remember each of your name, unless there are something that I couldn't forget. I remember face, simply because I am the visual person. Blame to the age factor:P Thanks to The One Academy that has invited me to come. Some have to leave early because of the class.. so YES there are doing not bad at all:)

NOV book binding workshop open for registration NOW!

This going to be my last workshop open for public this year. NOVEMBER WORKSHOP; open for registration NOW WHEN? 9 Nov// Sat SLOT 1 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - Kettle stitch SLOT 2 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Coptic stitch ------------------------------ 10 Now// Sun SLOT 3 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - French stitch SLOT 4 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Long stitch ------------------------------ WHERE? EMI KAZ No 9-1, Jalan Dataran Wangsa 1 Dataran Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur ------------------------------ INTERESTED TO JOIN? Each slot price RM100 which includes material kits, light refreshment & certificate. Tool will be available for loan. Each slot are limited to 10-12 students only. ------------------------------ You could book your seat NOW by email your detail to or : Name:  Name on certificate:  Date & Slot:  Contact Number:  Email:  (Slot consider booked only

Book, book & books

I am rushing things, and all need to be completed by November 26, date where I am going to fly to Melbourne & New Zealand. Been so looking forward for this trip and Shasha are going to be dragged along. It's been 18 years, December 1994, and I am not going to wait any longer. Ticket has been bought, and I am planning to fly to Melbourne for the first 5 days before fly to Auckland, stay a night, rent a car and slowly drive down to Wellington. Wanna visit few cities and enjoy what I will see, embracing every single moment:) And I just can't wait. I better start designing my travel journal now:) Making 70 mini books within 3 days, to be given to invited guest for the event Art of Time in Pavillion. Shasha & Eita was helping me and I am so blessed because binding non stop just make me crazy. It was like goreng pisang panas when the guest was so eagerly take the book, and it was all gone within 1 hour time. One project tick DONE and wha

Workshop at Fabric Fanatic 4&6 October:)

I had such a wonderful time and each workshop never fail to excite me, every time I met new student, or same student from previous workshop came to learn other binding technique.  I am so blessed getting a continuos support, and I am so happy to reach total of 600 students from this workshop. I have 2 doctor this time around, Suha & B, Hani came all the way from Penang, and this couple Rajesh & Camy came from Melaka…Others are from Klang Valley, how wonderful it was to see people from various place and background joining this workshop.  Student from Long Stitch Slot. Kettle Stitch Slot Coptic Slot Aleena Shahruddin Leong, my binder no 600 French Stitch Slot   May passion come above all:)  Find your own pace, follow your own journey, and be true to yourself. Here are quotes to help you follow your passion and find meaningful work. The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, fre