Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello Sunday

I did not captured any picture from my workshop at Setia Eco Park today.. I expecting the small crowd of 8 kids but end up with 26 kids instead…So glad that I brought enough material:)

Been so busy since my book binding workshop, last weekend. I completed few custom orders before taking one week break start tomorrow, before Syamil & Arissa back to school. All custom order need to be cleared off so I can spend time with my parent without any distraction.

The task was to compile single sheet paper into proper book. I had to stitch every page to another paper before folding it into section. Client chose Hedgehog fabric, and so happy with the outcome:)
Ajeerah ordered this for her friend's wedding gift.
Chenta Mashie used to order A4 book before. She wanted B5 size this time.

I really hope the book will reach US before Christmas.
I really hope the book will reach US before Christmas.
Client from Port Dickson was ordering 2 leather books 
She wanted the pink book that look a bit corporate. I design 4 version for her to choose one.
This is custom order for a VIP, last minute order and I managed to complete it on time:) yeayyy

Book Binding Workshop at Fabric Fanatic

French Stitch Slot
Natalie, Carolyn, Sam, Jia Yi & Sonali
Kettle stitch slot - with Joselyn

Long Stitch Slot
Husna & Fairuz
Celeste from Long Stitch Slot
Pi Chuey jr came visited me… Pi Chuey is one of my earliest student, she have a very good craft sense and very skillful. My first time met her adorable daughter, I wish I can talk long and spend more time but was running around in between the workshop. I have more than 800 students but she's remain friend,
I am so glad to witness her wedding and getting to know her family. 
Celeste, Kah Lay, Yoke San, Emma, Fairuz & Husna

That was Joanna, Teh, Elaine & Michelle
Sonali, Natalie & Sam
I had such a great session of my last book binding workshop for 2015 at Fabric Fanatic...been too busy and I did not capture much photos. Few faces turned  up from previous workshop.. and there are many new faces too, came passionately wanted to learn book binding skill. 

So glad to get to know all of them..

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Studio Latest Progress

French Stitch Slot at Islamic Art Museum, Malaysia

On top of not feeling so well today, I was so happy to spend time with this passionate people that came to the workshop to learn French Stitch Binding. What a surprise to encounter Azwa, an intern student I met in advertising agency after not in touch for more than 14 years…Akmal the one and only guy  interested to learn binding skill so he could compile his own photo book… Mawa, came to join for the second time after the kettle stitch slot last month, and the other 3 was the museum staff…:)  What a great day...

Pameran Wanita Kreatif at PWTC

with Datuk Noraini
Simple display
With Nora the celebrity
My right neighbour was Faz from Perak, she making beautiful tekat
My first buyer was from French. her name was Elsa… Thank you for your support:)

Workshop, Workshop & Workshop

Kettle StitchWorkshop at Islamic Art Museum, Malaysia

Children Workshop at Setia Ecopark

Book Binding Workshop at Raffles Institute

Lapan at Bonton, Langkawi

LAPAN products are now available at Bonton Langkawi…. Flew to Langkawi, purposely to set up our corner in their souvenir shop and spent one wonderful night and fly back to KL the next day. I am so thankful for Narelle hospitality that being so accommodative during our stay. I am bless to meet her that always believe in our passion…She been pushing us and to have her trust to carry our products in Penang and Langkawi is always a bless.  I am being thankful for this opportunity:)

Yes we are ready to spread our wing:)
All set up:)

With lady that I always admire
Me and Su are staying over… we had such a nice place to stay at Temple Tree
Enjoying a sunrise at Porto Malai before fly back to KL

Something in Between

I am grateful for a constant order receive from my etsy shop 
A note book /silkscreen printing workshop at birthday party with the theme maleficent.

I finally get my aircond fixed, Arissa was enjoying the cold temperature and sleep peacefully in the studio.
Get invited to have an exhibition for UMNO assembly under Wanita Kreatif
Menu design for Hammam Bistro, Moroccon concept fine dining.
Custome order from the wife to the husband:) 
This is the reason why I am not reluctant to involve in the exhibition.
 Maybe is a good break to me too, been working non stop since the showcase.
The invitation was made by someone that being so supportive towards what I am doing.
Datuk Noraini is the loyal customer that always bought the book that she could use for her daily duty.
10 books that comes with the tote bag:)
I am sorting out stuff to be sent to 4 different places.
I love some of them, I hope the new owner or buyer will love them:)
Some goes to souvenir shop buah tangan in Putra Jaya Convention Centre run by my good friend, Zaklein.