Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jesselton Artisan Market

Kota Kinabalu is calling. I am going to participate in Jesselton Artisan Market at the same time will organise 2 workshop slots. I am so looking forward:)

You could book the space by email your detail as below to
Name on certificate:
Date & Slot:
22 July DIY Notebook Workshop or 23 July Coptic Stitch Workshop
Contact Number:

Slot consider booked only upon payment of non-refundable RM50 deposit or full payment to:
Maybank account
Samsiah Binti Jendol
Account no: 164052355030

Kindly notify me via email of the payment proof once deposit has been banked in.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Penang Trip

I am driving alone to Ipoh to fetch my good friend, Lina before heading up to Penang. Been planning for the trip to replenish some stock at China House, I76 The Shop and Bon Ton. The next trip to Penang only going to be in August. 

I always love the small break in every trip to Penang. I will repeat doing the same thing, going to the same makan place, and wondering around, indulge myself with inspiration. George Town is one of my favourite place to stay.

I stayed at my friend Guest House at Lebuh Noordin, and cancelled my booking at one of the guest house at Love Lane, long story and I shouldn't take the risk by staying at the place I not familiar with. I am not so picky about the place I will sleep but it must have white bed sheet and attach bathroom, end of story.

Here is my routine & tips whenever in Penang:
  1. Prefer to stay at George Town, all are within walking distance.
  2. Breakfast usually at Mug Shot, they serve the best Bagel and my favourite is Bagel with Salmon and Cream Cheese, and latte is the best.
  3. Breakfast alternative will be at Woodland, they serve delicious Indian vegetarian food. 
  4. I normally will pay a visit and check my stock at Ren I Teng and Tropical Spice Garden too.
  5. Maju Deen Nasi Kandar in Lebuh Noordin is the best for dinner
  6. Jawi Cafe Gallery at Armenien Street serve the best local flavour and was easy to just dropby whenever I send some stock at Bon Ton The Shop.
  7. China House serves the best cakes, they spoilt me with galore of cake choices. Their quiche is the best I've ever tasted after the cafe in Wellington.
  8. Walking enjoying the street art is the way to hit my 10,000 steps after all the eating.
  9. There was a nice small park at Armenien Street that I enjoy sitting, it was a gem.
  10. Always make sure travel with the right buddy and company.

Jawi Cafe Gallery

Workshop at Kinokuniya

It's always good to be back and having my workshop at Kinokuniya. My last workshop at Kinokuniya was last two years. And I came back for the second time with four workshop slots to offer. Antalis the major paper distributor was sponsoring the paper and it was nice to be able to experimenting using eco friendly paper mainly from Europe. Good to see some new and familiar faces curious to learn the book binding skill:) What a happy day!

Typical day of Little Syam

Blackie the cat. 


Stock for Penang and Langkawi

Silkscreen printing progress.

Always nice to see someone to say hi at the event I've been involved. This is Jenna and her family:)

My happiness:)

There are so many things need to be done before my trip to Penang. Looking through the list to do that not moving in the pipeline is so painful. I had refused a few jobs, to give myself a little pause and break. This coming Ramadan going to be less busy compare to last year. I just accepted less workshops and not going to work on every weekend. Will have Ramadan workshop with BIG Publika, Setia Alam Club for fathers day and my usual SKC workshop at Setia Eco Glades. There are few pending jobs need to start doing.

Food, food and food

Someone was expressing how amazing that I can work independently doing stuff I passionate about, going to many places and work at the same time enjoying life and having a good food like what as appeared in my Instagram.

To tell you the truth the reward I am having now is the reward for working hard at the very beginning. I quit my corporate job without any regret, even though the money was lucrative. I learn to take a risk and confident I can do it.

Work hard and being persistent is all the recipe and I am still doing it until now. Don't judge the Instagram picture shown each time... The thing that I've never shown is the sleepless night, carrying heavy tools everytime I went to bazaar or workshop, adrenaline rush to meet my deadline, my back pain and my numb hand due to overwork. 

Food is important because that's the only way I can reward myself, having the best coffee, escape to the small cafe is a way to pay back. I kinda have my favourite spot and I tend to repeat going to the same cafe, eating the same food and it feel like self of belonging. Hop in to this place not only enjoying the food, and indulge my self to a good coffee but also it's my time alone to reflect, but I do have a good friend to accompany once in a while. My monotonous choice of food and the same repeat place is pretty boring but I am so used with the same cycle.

I am not so adventurous but once in a while I don't mind to try other places.
I had  branding and menu design job for Malaysian restaurant in London recently.
I am still in the midst of designing.
Perhaps I might need to pay a visit to London this year,
but London is not one in my travel list,
I have few other places I need to prioritise first.
I am so glad that this cafe Soul Sac was opened at the same row at my studio.
As usual I am not very adventure in term of food choices,
I appreciate their latte but my menu will always be the same at every visit.
I love an extra effort they made in their food presentation.
When everyone working, I will go to Ikea to have my meal and maybe doing my shopping.
I have the advantage doing things against the normal time when working on my own,
and it felt so wonderful and awesome.
I am so glad to be surrounding by few peoples that love to celebrate food, same as me. 
This is the usual cafe that I will hop in every two months whenever I've got my leather supply from Petaling Street. Sometimes I ordered food due to sentimental value. The name of this Banana Fritter is Yasmin Ahmad - Al Fatihah.
When you hoping that they will serve the ink squid pasta at 11 am, this is all being served.
One of the best egg Benedict I've ever tasted. Jibby East.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Art of Acceptance

Most of the time, we must accept life on its terms because life has a way of unfolding. Its just the way it is, not as we will, but as it will. When events transpire that are beyond our control, we have an option: we can either learn the art of acceptance, or we can struggle miserably try to change the fate.

I live my life believing there are always a reason for things that happened. I just have to embrace every beauty, condition and situation encountered. I promise to give more, do at least one kindness every single day. Doesn't matter how small the kindness is because happiness is not something physical but more on what is inside and I realise it's transpired only by giving.

Life is the strangest things, mysterious and unexpected. You bumped into stranger and you felt connected by the empathy or probably the concern shown. We may live with the same person the rest of our life but the connection is almost not exist.

Acceptance is so liberating... I fight so many pointless battles and in the process have lost my way. I've forgotten what's important and as a consequence I waste time and energy. But now I have come to the point to accept and be able to let go. Life is great and will always be great.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 2017

Life is great! Alhamdulillah.

I do not know where should I start. Waited for my mammogram result was the scariest moment I used to face. And the result confirmed that I am free from breast cancer and only having a few cysts, made me felt so relieve than keep guessing what the hell was the hard lump in my right breast.

I totally have to take in charge of my imbalance hormone from now on. It's more complicated and I have not taking it seriously before. It affected me in many ways but I am so grateful that I have job that I love that be able to divert me from think about it even though it was unavoidable most of the time.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

2017 & Perhaps

How time flies, and I am feeling numb, feel a little melancholy and I have stop chasing. I am not post anything for such a long time except for my workshop schedule, perhaps I am losing words.


Life as a book maker/crafter was like a full circle, I keep doing and never know the ending. I don't have any projection on what my future likes, or what direction I should heading to. I am not and never a someone that so ambitious at the very beginning. I don't have specific target what I should achieve. Not that I do not achieve anything but maybe the way I see things are different. I always working hard and love my job, and I know that life going to be alright. It's more than I can hope for and I always being blessed and for that I can never thank enough to the creator and will always feel grateful.

I bump to many opportunities, meet people that always trust me. I always reward myself, but yet there are always an emptiness, something that I still longing for, and I have no clue what it was. Perhaps life is all about soul searching. I will keep going, keep looking and won't settle.


There are so many test I need to go through this month despite of my hectic schedule, a few bumping road I have to pass by. Perhaps when I know the answer, only then I will feel a little bit settle. Perhaps this is the most abstract thing I use to write. Hopefully tomorrow will be much brighter.

Book Binding Workshop at Books Kinokuniya Malaysia

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop at Books Kinokuniya Malaysia
• WORKSHOP 01/15 APRIL/SAT/japanese stab binding
• WORKSHOP 02/16 APRIL/SUN/french stitch
• WORKSHOP 03/29 APRIL/SAT/diy notebook
• WORKSHOP 04/30 APRIL/SUN/coptic stitch

(all paper are sponsored by Antalis)

11.00AM ~ 2.00PM

Mezzanine Floor, Kinokuniya Book Store Malaysia
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

• For registration contact customer service at 03-2164 8133 (ext 160/161) or email
• Registration is first come first serve basis and full payment are required to secure a spot
• RM150 per pax per workshop (inclusive 6% GST) and limited to 10 pax per workshop only
• Tools, materials & certificate included