Friday, December 31, 2010

Giant Kitty Cat sudah beres:)

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED..yeaaayyy boleh deliver :)

Order made by follow up visitor from 1nita carnival wanted purple pink Giant Kitty Cat, going to be present from someone to someone (deadline 3 January)

birthday gift with personalised name

close up detail

Giant Kitty Cat in the making:)

Purple Pink is her colour choice, with smile on cat face & personal name.

Hoping Only the Best:)

How time flies, another year are coming, time are chasing me like nobody business...I hope 2011 will bring only the best in me...will take thing slowly but steady. I  hope to accomplish 10 things for this coming year:
  1. Renovation for home studio in progress
  2. Travel 2-3 times I really hope I could make a trip to NZ..
  3. To be a better person than I am now physically & spiritually
  4. Lose weight 55kg will be my ideal weight so I need to eat only healthy food & exercise
  5. My own show? maybe too much
  6. Solid creations of art, craft & design
  7. Be able to visit my mom&dad every month
  8. Be good to earth recycle & reuse & no plastic
  9. Be happy
  10. ? I still can't figure it out..not yet
Simple thing does matter to me at this moment...I won't ask for more...

Today was Arissa first day at school, she had I make myself busy by waiting for her, and I feel that kid nowadays are so much independent..No crying all of them and here I would like to share pictures of her at school. She decided to wear tudung, so I bought her a few so she could wearing it to school. 

Renovation Day 3
Renovation continued as usual. I have to get used with drilling sound..and soon all my sampah sarap need to be moved to living room. Need to break the the digging....

I have a number of thing queue need my attention:
  • Order made by follow up visitor from 1nita carnival wanted purple pink Giant Kitty Cat, going to be present from someone to someone (deadline 3 January)
  • Consignment order from Penang and that will make me very very very busy.
  • Illustration job for children book also need my attention, but no deadline for this so I will have to make a research first (collaboration with my writer friend Beatrice). 
  • January I hope to have one book binding workshop where I still looking for a suitable venue, which most probably going to be at Bangsar..I won't be able to announce the venue and date stay tune ya..
  • I most probably will participate in a bazaar at Great Eastern Mall next weekend 9&8 January under the theme of Secret Garden..
  • Just finished my presentation document that I design for my doctor client, waiting his green light to produce final doc.
  • At the mean time I almost finish my graphic job, a note book cum planner for my Terengganu client.
  • Planner for Glam Street need to redo..Client wanted the harder cover..I am waiting for my metal ring, my supplier friend just came back from Singapore.
Seems like a good starting of 2011 for me..but definitely this lists will make me super duper busy ....ohhh another thing I really need to prioritise thing nicely:) And I am not so good at it and will always do thing by follow the flow. And that's the beauty of working on my own:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mosaic of nature

These are where my inspiration came from... I just can't live without nature..
Here I would like to share photos that I captured from my pot plants...
1)kunyit 2)rcyprus 3)succulent plan
4)succulent plan 5) limau purut 6) oregano
7)succulent plan 8) tenggek burung 9) kesidang

1)kangkung 2)rose 3)daun kesum
4)cacti plant 5) kucai 6) mint
7)cilipadi 8) succulent plant 9) cacti plant

Can't Wait

I am gonna start doing renovation for my home studio,  today:) I've been waiting for this since November...Gonna publish and share the progress from time to time.. I just can't wait to have my own working space:)

Gonna miss my banana tree..
this empty space will be divided by two; home studio and bedroom for syamil.

Monday, December 27, 2010


closeup detai

Back of the tote bag

Bag 1
Bag 2

Bag 3
Bag 4

Bag 5

Introduce an environmental friendly LittleSyam's new product: Tote bag in 100% natural cotton fabric with limited edition of hand silkscreen design on it.

Measurement : 15" x 19"

Price: RM45
RM36: 20% discount for outright purchase

Hello 2011:)

I am in a mood of recharging myself for new year...I supposed my sore eye is a hint for me to take a break to rethink what am I going to do next...Still doing my list of thingy need to be achieved for next year, even I know i usually will  follow what life bring me into..and it was better that way than stress my self not be able to achieve it...

It's been 7 months since I quitted my job...I've been telling myself 2010 going to be time to adjust myself to my new life of being a home based working mom. And 2011 going to be a year that I should look at thing a bit serious from financial & business aspect. So far 2010, the duration "not working" day was such a blessed with support that I got from previous client that constantly given me job, in order for me to survive..

My book binding workshop has given me a new perspective that I should seriously doing it at least once a month... and art and craft has given me so much pleasure, participating in bazaar, get to know great people, make a up my self to the new idea and I still learning to perfect my craft. The ride so far has gave me the satisfaction that I never felt before and I am ready for more excitement....

WHAT MORE DO I NEED? Rather than being so blessed. InsyaAllah things will go smooth...I am very positive about long as health permit me to share and being able to produce my creative thingy..

“To grow is to go beyond what you are today.
stand up as yourself.
do not imitate.
Do not pretend to have achieved your goal, and do not try to cut corners.
Just try to grow.”


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ohhhh..... What actually happened????

I am in the lazy mood, and not so sure why I can't post any image here in blogspot...I am not sure is that because of my computer...or the blogspot problem, It seems hanging.... do you have the same problem as mine??

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho ho ho:)

To all who celebrate christmas, I wish you a merry christmas and happy new year. 

I am getting sick, sore eye... time to take a rest I supposed. I had to cancelled trip to South, since Syamil also have sore eyes and fever....

I am jotting down my new year resolution & plan for New Year..How about you?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hep..hep hoooray

1nita Carnival was such a success...Congratulations to all...and hep hep hoooray to me..I brought back laptop (Yeszzz, yesss I desperately need one) and domain for free for 2 years for won the 4th best participant...Thanks to all that help to make it happened....mmmmmwaaahhhh
hello..adopt me please:)

with amazing women Datuk Noraini Ahmad

4th & 3rd place...yeaaayyyyyy

With Deputy Minister of MOSTI Tuan Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof

I will share more story and picture soon, for the time being I need to concentrate to my major graphic job that need to be submitted by end of the day tomorrow...And I just started:(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yeaaayyy time for 1nita carnival

1nita is a community project that teaches women to use online platform as a way to expand their business and network. As to date there are about 1,000 1nita project participants nationwide.

MyIdeas is a government effort which aims to encourage and bring together ideas from all levels of members of the public and to convert these ideas into best practices with the objective of improving societal and overall Malaysian life.

Just wanna share some photo during the setup of 1nita carnival. If you free dropby at KL convention Centre 9am-4pm from 21-22 Dec. I am so blessed Safinaz and Lina came along to help...Thanks babe. Will write more about it soon, kind of rush..take care xoxo

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am extremely busy with 1nita preparation, and still there are a lot more need to be done, will do the set up by tomorrow night... Hope I could cover most of Little Syam products. Will share more photo soon:)
Monyet in the making
Taking photo of Arissa with beads necklace handmade by pretty

Friday, December 17, 2010

Experimenting with dye and tshirt

I wanted to do this for soooo long, selling hand silkscreen t-shirt ..but I still experimenting with ink..

mmm seems like I have many uniform that I can wear...:)

Glam Street Handbound journal/sketch book

I am please with the outcome. Finished this task is such a relief..
I am moving from one project to another is like adrenaline rush...

I coptic thick book, and 2 kettle stitch binding A5 size.
I am using 2 colour hand silkscreen front and back, client illustration
with detail of elastic rubber strip as a closure.
Still a few tasks to finish till end of year, pheeeeeeewwwwww. till then:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Planner Done: TICK:)

Just wanna to share  2011 planner I customised for client, Adam from Glam Street... I am so not expert in sewing though.. but I am not factory and it supposed to look handmade.. so it should be ok.

detail, with name card pocket and pen holder

Still another 3 handbound books to go, will share more picture soon.

Cute Green Visitor:)

be my guest..
I had been wondering who ate all my leaf especially my daun limau purut and curry leaf. Found this cute green visitor happily eating...but her beauty was hard to resist..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carnival 1nita 21-22 Dec, KL Convention Centre.

I am busy preparing LittleSyam products for 1nita Carnival will be held on 21-22 Dec at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 9am-4.30pm. I'll be on stage as one of 1nita member spoke person and it is to share the experiences and benefit I had by participate in this programme with audience. I also will set up a booth to showcase LittleSyam products and services.

Phhhheeewww still loads to do but I am excited with this carnival. The carnival is open for public, and I would like to urge to women especially that interested to do business online to drop by in order to know about this programme. For further info kindly check on

1nita is a community project that teaches women to use online platform as a way to expand their business and network. As to date there are about 1,000 1nita project participants nationwide.
MyIdeas is a government effort which aims to encourage and bring together ideas from all levels of members of the public and to convert these ideas into best practices with the objective of improving societal and overall Malaysian life.

You could bring your family to check on the event...many products will be displayed and to be sell.

See you there:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1nita video shooting

Recording for 1nita corporate video. Kind of awkward talking infront of camera...

hope the final output is OK

Syamil si Tukang Sibuk

Scone Day:)

It's been a while I am not making scone. On my recent trip to Cameron Highland I had a nice English Scone from Boh Plantation, which cost me RM5...and with this price I have to make one. Last scone I made was during my student time 15 years back...

So here are some photo to share. Ingredient is plain flour, baking powder, butter and milk. Nice to have it when it is still hot with strawberry jam and butter..but in my case I like to eat it with marmalade.

Easy as 123, why not try to make it at home today:) Nice for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Enough rest for the day..I had a long nap in the afternoon after spring cleaning whole house and prepared a lunch for the family. Arissa getting better compare to the day before. I am not sleeping properly lately taking care of her at night due to her sickness... and yes it is not easy to become a super mom. Things are change drastically after I quit my job. My maid gone back for good, and I have to take over with all house work..and only doing my design job and craft late afternoon or at night time. Squeezing time to blog...phewwww...Salute to all housewives, they are all deserve a noble award, for a never ending job, with not much appreciation and no salary. I am not complaining but yes it needs lot of patience and passion...
Planer & journal for glam in progress
I am now move on preparing myself for 1nita interview video shooting tomorrow, 2011 planner(1) and journals(3) for Glam Street deadline 20th Dec in the making, products for showcase 1nita Carnival at KL Convention Centre 21-22 Dec, since I am out of stock, thanks to all buyer of Little Syam products at Art for Grabs:) 

...I can't wait to take a break heading south Negeri Sembilan then Johor Bharu from 23-27 Dec and maybe if I have time I would like to spent overnight in Melaka strolling down at Jonker Walk before come back to my routine life in KL, will see:)..till then take care..xoxo

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art for Grabs

It's my first time participating in Art for Grabs...It was just awesome..I like it very much with friendly people that doing art and nice loft type of ambience. I definitely want to join the next time...I feel motivated when people give an encouraging feedback and thanks  to buyer that keep coming back supporting my products, Eu Geen and her sweet friend ( which I forgot her name, I am getting older, and worst in remembering people name...) I truly appreciate your support.

left: Talented manja with illustration I purchased for only RM35..
right: 3 hot makchick posing mau

our corner

final look of love birds & dua tiga kucing berlari

Here are some photo I would like to share. More photo to upload tomorrow.. and YES I love my new Nikon D3000...

Today are just as nice as yesterday, meet up with nice interesting people ....potential students, potential future collaboration. If ever I have to choose whether to earn RM100 out of what I am doing now or earning RM10,000 designing just one logo and working with client..I rather to be insane by taking the RM100 and be happy. 

It was interesting to see how people react to my products....wondering if I hit the right target audience by doing something that I like and client love it at the same time. The concept of being a commercial designer is still the same but some how the feeling is so REAL this time. Use lots of instinct and feel motivated when my gut feeling is rarely let me down.. This is a new learning curve, and I enjoy every bit of it. The energy was just amazing:)

sequel painting

some part of the corner

beautiful nature while walking from Dayabumi car park to Anexxe Gallery

At the end of the day I would like to thanks Allah, I feel so bless:)

Yessssssssss I choose to be happy:)