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Nadhrah, student from my LittleSyam Bookbinding Workshop 4 made this. How..sweet. She's a very talented scrapbooker, good at layout with attention to details. She also teaching scrapbooking for  Garden International School, Malaysia and run lunch classes at clients office and also at her home. To view her beautiful portfolio you could visit her at  

The Goodness of Life

It's been a while since I cooked. Since the renovation took place..most of the time we eating out or tapow.. The exzos fan have not ready I could'nt cook anything I decided i just fry egg and prepare egg sandwich for lunch.. nothing great but good to feel homey after quite sometimes:P Still busy with craft thingy, have completed the task of making 40 hanging mobiles for wedding deco/doorgift. I am moving to create 20 wind chimes for Red Envelope Souvenir and Gift Shop in Ikano. All to be delivered tomorrow. I am inspired  by this words of Holly Becker /decor8: There is still so much magic in the world and you don’t always have to actively do things or seek people out — they’ll often find YOU. The only thing that you must do is to go out there with an intention and circulate in the same circle as your leaders and role models, find your own voice, and they just may listen to that voice and call you an inspiration in return. Kismet. And if the
GRAPHIC GOES GREEN 2011 “Graphic Goes Green” is the first ever eco-design campaign co-organised by CUTOUT Magazine and The Weld. Artistic minds will address their concern about environmental issues by using creative expressions in various art forms such as artwork displays, art installations and workshops. All these happening at the Concourse of The Weld Shopping Centre! 10 – 19 March 2011 Art Exhibition by Artists & Students from Saito College 19 March 2011 - Art & Craft BazaarCreative Fashion Show - Sharing Session & Workshops with Invited Artist & Guest - Eco-Bag Design Competition Results & Prize Giving Log on to  for more information on the events!

Hello There:)

Life back to normal....I am so relief... Renovation 98% completed...I start moving my precious rubbish into my new creative space..just need to do some arrangement, which can long as the space are ready... waiting to be hung again on the wall March gonna be  a busy month to me with Penang trip, ecodesign event, wedding and maybe bazaar...How busy it is, I am going to have fun and feel grateful with every involvement I made... I hope you feeling good and happy too:) Arissa bought mosaic from etsy market, done it as a gift to me I am open up myself to many possibilities..exploring the idea that I never thought I will do it before... surrender following the flow beyond reach...and life seem more meaningful with colours... I remember someone said isn't life should be an episodes with drama, tragedy, sadness, happiness etc? If the story line is same thing all the way to the end it will become monotonous and boring... I am avoiding myself, being over worried but en

Graphics Go Green Eco Campaign @ The Weld

I am going to participate in Graphics Go Green Eco Campaign at Weld. Date 14 to 20 March 2011 (art installation display) /  19 March 2011 (all other programmes on this day) Venue Concourse, The Weld They invited me to speak about my interest in book binding...whereby, there will be Q&A sessions on stage and booth display corner of my own.. I would love my student to contribute displaying their individual creation of book. Besides of creating awareness of book binding, I wish to promote them and their creation... Check about ecodesign, it is beyond than recycled but taking a consideration of e nvironmental impact of products, including the energy consumption throughout their entire life cycle, start from creating, producing even the end usage. I am soooooo excited:)


Finally I have my small kitchen ready..I used up my reproduction tile I designed for JonkerWalk Kopitiam.. I love being surrounded by things that have a deep meaning, got sentimental value to me..happy..happy.. My creative space was painted in green & off white...not exactly colour I want.. but i am not complaining against it... Some  progress..just can't wait to move in, and decorate...,and all the waiting is  almost over..... a bit more painting job...finally DONE... the best I can do within my budget:)

Hep..hep hoooray

Another task accomplished....finished my Etsy Crafty up with many other nice vendors... Do not have much stuff but good to be part of them...Now I can really sit down to do some thinking on new products and design. Ohhh many students from book binding workshop dropby: Agnes came with her cute little girls,  Nadhrah , with her two handsome boy, little girls and mom. Desmond with friend..thanks for purchasing my skinny bunny and  hanging mobile Kak Mia, my ex designer from PETRONAS ; thanks for purchasing my Teddy bunny. hand made goat milk soap - going to purchase this after finish up my origin soap - equally good, cheap and the smell is sooooo nice:) me & zaklean Zaklean, brought over her 2 girls and boy..thanks for purchasing my Teddy Bunny.. Eve and Kelly are there selling their artsy craft Ching aka icewinx I am with Niwarna from My Glass Cubicle

Recharging and Work Continued...

Nandos for lunch...(Not So Brave..we are like tourist) I took a day time off, brought over Eve, Shuku, Agnes & Shereen for supplies shopping.... What a hours but still not cover everything.. beautiful colours from different culture Now need to speed up to finish up unfinished task: 1) Tote Bag 2) Hanging Mobile 3) Dolltopia 4) Handmade books 5) Wind Chime 6) Commission work for Japanese binding Pheeeewwww and I only have 2 days to finish all above:)   yeeeeee   haaaaaa ..I am happy to see a progress on my renovation.....

Renovation in Progress:)

Yup..contractor came today after the harsh sms sent....job continued.

Book Binding Workshop 2nd day...

Here I would like to share some photos from my workshop 4...I had a great time eventhough a bit tired...but workshop is always up with mixture of students from all ages...Hoping that they will continue practising the skill. Going to have my next workshop on June..that's the plan for the time being..will see how it goes. master piece by Desmond master piece by Kelly master piece by Kelly, Nadhrah & Ching   Me, Eita & Eu Geen Graduated Student   Hep..hep hoorayyyyyyyyyy

Love is in the Air

Hello all, exhausted after the time to rush finish up order made by a few people. Got this note this morning from Arissa. How sweet:) A note on a Valentine Day. I am not celebrate Valentine...honestly I like the idea - celebrations of love even though a bit conflict because the history kind of against my religion believe. So ignore the history.. here I accept the concept of appreciate towards love does not matter if it is for a parent, lover, daughter, husband, cat etc...and better if everyday we could celebrate love..kan:P

Another Day To Go..

I had a great time as always.....Biggest class so far... Some still need to master the binding system, some cope pretty well. Seems like the 12 years old Ilyana facing no problem to cope, which was cool. 13 students participated in the workshop: 226 - Ooi Eu Geen - sales & marketing 227 - Suen Jia Ming - writer 228 - Shazwan Taib - Designer 229 - Kelly Koo - online craft fabric seller /  sales & marketing. check her at 230 - Vivian Toh - founder of CUTOUT Mag/editor 231 - Jay Lim -  founder of CUTOUT Mag / designer 232 - Chan Lei Ching - DTP Artist 233- Nadiah Humairah binti Sudirman - Secondary School Student.  236 - Nadiah Maisarah binti Sudirman -  Secondary School Student 235 - Ilyana Ibrahim -  Secondary School Student 236 - Nadhrah Maidin - Art Teacher and Scrap Booking crafter.  Check her blog Eita- IT project manager cum my assista

Bye..bye Dolltopia

Will soon find the new home & owner...  Available and can be adopted at  www. tropicalspicegarden .com   by next week.

Hello There:)

Another day before the book binding workshop...I am kind of going crazy this few days with so many task need to be done. I am glad that my husband get an Indonesian helper to come yesterday to help with house cleaning. Thankssss God. And she will come again tomorrow to help...phhhheeewww. House kind of chaotic at this moment. The worker will only start their work on either tomorrow or Saturday after the long break of Chinese New Year...At this moment I just don't be bother with the condition of my house, nothing I can do about it dusty and messy... no guest allowed, only close friend. They just need  to finish up with tiling job, painting, wiring and plumbing. Which I really hope they can finish it within 1 week.... Can't wait to move to my own tiny creative space. My craft stuff occupied almost half of my living room. We almost get used to the scene already:( As for the workshop, 13 students has confirmed, more than I expected, gonna get extra table and chair...and I am s

Random photos

they are all grow happily thrifty precious kangkung consignment order from Penang.. to be delivered soon keladi with seed..i love the vibrant orange commission binding job - japanese stab binding(asa-no-ha toji)

Crafty Art Market - Etsy Malaysia

Hi peeps, mark your going to be inspiring and fun event:) See You there!

What is your definition of success?

living where you want to live , doing what you want to do , surrounded by people you want to be surrounded by - jill bliss

Workshop Venue Finalised...yeaaayyyy:)

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop  12&13 February 2011 WHERE:  H.Lin Ho Studio (photography studio which located at 3rd floor, at the left side of the Pejabat Pos Malaysia Desa Pandan. Full address:   34-2 Jalan 4/76C, Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. I still have more quickly enroll if any of you interested. I  expecting about 10 students from different background will participate this time around. Excited as usual..... I will take a long break after this workshop.. (  I am not so sure when my next one).  I have decided to take a break and focus in creating a new products and check out on possibilities of  other  business prospect. 

looking forwards for busy-busy week

The break kind of short but i feel fresh and look forwards to finish  a few projects. Going to finalise location of my bookbinding workshop and will publish it very SOON. Gonna be a very busy week as usual, with a few things need to be submitted within this week and this month: 1) Consignment order from Tropical Spices Garden (longggggg delayed) 2) Materials for book binding workshop - I expecting 10 students will turn up. 3) PM 2nd presentation. 4) Commission job for japanese binding 5) P&C pitching job 6) Hanging mobile order for wedding x40 Will most probably participate in Etsy Market at The Bee Jaya One on 19 february under group of My Glass Cubicle. Need to do craft stock, hope be able to produce new products....all this gonna make me a busy bee......pheeeeewww.

yeaaayyyy balik kampung time:)

Meet up with old friend of mine, Amanda before she gone back to Dubai.. and Mary, friend that live in KL but hardly see each other. Used to work with them 6 years back in Aquaria...Time separates people apart..and to see them again was really make me happy, long chat strolling down memory lane..laughing at some silly stuff. Till we meet again folk. I am so looking forwards balik kampung... heard that there are flood everywhere...Will be off from thurs till weekends..glad and happy to be away from the mess, and to be able to refresh my put job aside for a while even I know that many things waiting for my attention when I am coming back... Till then, have a nice break everyone..happy chinese new year and do drive safely during this festive season...take care//syam