Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Being Me:)

What good is that by doing what I am currently doing? Simply because I could take a break at anytime. And today I decided to do just nothing. 

Purple spinach seem grow happily, probably because of the raining season, lately
I have been loaded with rendang chicken & beef throughout raya. And I crave for fish..Curry fish. So I've cooked Curry fish with brinjal and tomato. And additional stir fry cabbage with mushroom. That's enough for lunch & dinner.

Yummmm, yummmm
I have 2 custom orders received for farewell book to the boss & wedding guest book, signage and love notes card for a wedding. Interesting & simple task. I am going for fabric shopping tomorrow to match their theme colour. Will share the outcome once done:) But for now, I just want to do nothing:)

Syamil are begging to be sent to Indian barber to get his hair cut done. I am enjoying myself to see the duplication look of the exterior and interior in every Indian barber shop. The hair dresser must be wondering where this mad women came from that keep capturing pictures non stop.

Love this photo, Indian Barber with Chinese Sticker on the glass.
How more unique can you get?
Ear Cleaning Servis, RM15.00 only:)
Guaranteed make you double happy
Fancy chair, Ikea colour..whoot whoot
Gillette... I call it pisau blade....
Just name it, they can do any style that you desire:)
The sound of tamil song & the scented smell from the shop are the witness of the uniqueness of various culture.. I am happy to be Malaysian to see and experience all this:) I am sure you have colourful experience for just a simple thing can be found in daily life too:) Let's share! //syam

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Adventure Book

I never get bored making this. This one had flied to Illinois, and I hope Matty & Maleah will love it:)

Random Story

Ha ha, typical of me choosing the header topic "Random", because all stories are dump under one post. I had a great Raya. It was such a nice moment that I really looking forward to, especially when the whole family could get together. Time like this are precious to me.

We went to Melaka to visit relative from my side and  drive to Johor to visit my another half's relative too.

I just can't avoid all the delicious food, and as usual gaining 2-3 kg during Raya celebration are pretty normal every year, eeehemmm:)

Going back to KL on Thursday to continue my so called normal routine. Rushing out craft stocks for Fuyoh Art Bazaar held at Publika today. Still in raya mode being lazy and I am taking things in very slow pace. I still remember 2 years back, when I first participated in Bazaar..I am more organise... within this 2 years time, situation really suck much of my energy, sometimes I treat life
way too laid back. And blame it to age factor.

But I always enjoy going to Bazaar, moment where I spend to talk to people, meet real customers, and I still enthusiastic and passionate to talk about my love of art & craft especially my product. I felt recharging my energy meet up with crafter buddy and I do hope I will feel exactly the same for more years to come.
Some products for display

Beautiful Adrianna & Isabella Benardo
Looking forward for another week with few tasks to accomplish. I wish all of you having a wonderful & productive week too:) love always//syam

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Instagram:)

I had a nice ride  of LRT to Bandaraya with Arissa & Syamil just now...  and looking at the time we went, we gonna have buka puasa outside today. And oh dear, thousands of people did their last minute shopping and all restaurants, cafes or even a food courts are all fully booked. 

Had a drink and cheese stick for alas perut, while waiting for an empty space to have our proper dinner. Such a bad timing but kind of interesting experience too.

Arissa got really excited, I couldn't remember the last time I ride the LRT. Better to avoid driving especially around this time and LRT are so reliable & convenience. There are not so many people heading to KL. They have token system and you could purchase the token through vending machine. I remember when I went to Japan, 2 years back..vending machines were everywhere, maybe these are good too rather than looking at some customer service that hardly smile:)
We found a small little nice cafe at secluded area, in the ground floor of Sogo Shopping Mall.
And the cafe called Shogo..and all staffs are really nice and friendly especially in handling customer like Syamil, that are so bossy and precise in what he wants.

Warm water are supposed to be warm not cold and 10 minutes are supposedly to be sharp 10 minutes and not 10 minutes and 1 second. Hissssshhh...
I never taught him to behave like that, but YES that just the way he is... 
It was quite a heavy meal to me but still I had ordered a lamb shoulder... 

LRT was really packed on the way back from KL.
I bought myself a pair of deep red pump flat shoe for only RM29:)
And another deep red of Dr Marten. Treat that I deserved once in a while:)
And I never compromise a nice comfy shoe..yeaayyy
Another order of Our Adventure book from US:)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Salam Aidil Fitri ♥

 Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin:) 

I couldn't believe it the Ramadan is almost over. 
I am taking one week break celebrating Aidil Fitri at hometown. 
The break I am so looking forward to, spending precious moment 
with emak & abah, families, relatives & friends.

Have a safe journey balik kampung:)
Much of ♥//syam

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Instagram

Sleeping Beauty
Few silkscreen I made for new book cover.
Hopefully will be ready and available at Fuyoh Bazaar on 26th Sept at Publika Solaris Dutamas.
Will share more once the book ready:)

Having mini Book Binding Workshop with batch DGD 113 today:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Workshop at Beading.my 8&9 September

(Limited of 10-15 person per slot only)

Hello there,

Here I would like to inform you on my next LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop will be held at MonsterCraft (beading.my):
8 Sept // Sat
SLOT A (10am ~ 1.30pm) - French stitch
SLOT B (2pm ~ 5.30pm) - Long stitch
9 Sept // Sun
SLOT A (10am ~ 1.30pm) - Kettle stitch
SLOT B (2pm ~ 5.30pm) - Coptic stitch
MonsterKraft (Beading.my)
39-1, Jln 10/23A, Medan Makmur,
Off Jln Usahawan, 53200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

here are location map: http://www.beading.my/help/map

Interested to join? Each slot price RM90 which includes material kits, light refreshment & certificate.
Tool will be available for loan. Each slot are limited to 10-15 students only. 

You could book your seat NOW by email me your detail:
Name on certificate:
Website: (if any)

(Slot consider booked only upon payment of non-refundable RM50 deposit to Maybank account Samsiah Binti Jendol /act no: 164052355030. Kindly notify me once you have banked in the deposit.
from top: French Stitch, Long Stitch, Kettle Stitch & Coptic Stitch

French Stitch
Long Stitch
Coptic Binding
Kettle Stitch

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Things:)

Silkscreen job for bag, Maya my sis in law going to bring this to Mecca for Umrah
End product, I dont quite satisfied with the end product...
the fabric for inside are too thick, and my sewing kind of a bit messy:(
I am making the 2nd piece
Oh YES, I love this much better...
I am making this for Pi Chuey, she attended my workshop long time ago,
from there we have a good bonding.  I don't like to go to wedding,  I always avoid going to wedding.
But I cant skip to go to hers.. I hope she like this Our Adventure Book.
I am going to send this to Suzie's newly born, Puteri Cinta Amani 
Aren't she look so pretty? She wearing white gown earlier and she look so dashing
.. and YES she is tall too:)
Cutting cake ceremony
In the midst of making sample book for upcoming poster.
I am planning to have workshop on 8&9 September and will offer
4 different type of binding technique for four slots.
So watch for the new announcement!