Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hello there:)

Busy busy day...with many graphic job need to complete before Terengganu trip 6,7 & 8. I am basically working non stop. Many interesting things happen lately but I am out of words here due to work, work & work. Gonna have long break and enjoying my day teaching and planning from November onwards.

Happy Owl
Will participate in few expat bazaar by then, and looking forward for something big that could happen next year...I am excited:)

Top: Trista & me
Bottom: Molly and her beautiful creation
& Auntie, the oldest student I had so far, and she's so good
Top: Demo time
Bottom: Birgit & me
Cliff, Eleena, Junn & Alice
Top: Beautiful creation by R•A•W (Lina)
Bottom: Yuzz & Liza
Top: Junn, Pek Mun in action
Bottom: Pek Mun & Molly
Enjoy the rest photo taken mixture Lina's camera & mine during KLDW. I still couldn't get over it yet..
Enjoying my last moment, while students do the finishing for their book.
Top: Pei Chee & me
Bottom: Tuck Loong, Mike, Gigi, Sweii, Suweii, Izura, Lorna, Teck Yew, Lina & me.
Thanks to all that came to give a never ending support, I make new friends, old buddy that came, my dearest students from previous workshop, your appreciation and support for my effort and creation does mean a lot to me. To all participant of my book binding corner; Yuzz, Liza, Sim, CY, Chin Ven, Eelena, Cliff, Alice, Junn, Brigit, Molly, Mun, Trista & Untie, keeps the skill and passion going.

Exhibitor buddies, the bonding built during KLDW was awesome, may we cross again somewhere in our journey of life....And to Lina, my partner that sharing this living passion space, how can I manage without you. muaaaaahhh love//syam

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