Saturday, September 17, 2011

KLDW>>Day 2

Another great time today:) Meet up with 2 new students Yuzz & Liza... They have scrapbooking experiences and that help them in dealing with material. It was my pleasure to get to know all this talented person with full of passion. And I am looking forwards for another workshop trow.

 I couldn't thank enough for unexpected visit from a few friends that turned up..visiting me and Lina at our place; Arson & Min Min from Dasein, Eunice, Mimmy & Song Pe, Kat, Lina's MomDad & Kak Long, Ajim some visitors from last year KLDW..a few strangers and many more new friends and a number of people interested to join the workshop. I am fully occupied and happy....// xoxo Syam

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Blossom inch said...

amboi...cantek gambor!

Semuanya photogenic and nampak happy je...

I tengah tunggu email list of supplier ni!

Jangan lupa, kalau tak habis lima ribu I...