Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tote Bag

Go through some error in the process of mixing the ink.

 There seem like use of child labour in the process:P

This was a silkscreen job for tote bag, for a birthday party theme cowboy. 38 tote bags seems quite a lot but I am relief that I could finished it with the help of my good friend Eita:)

Wedding Guest Book Marathon



Good Bye:(

You must be wondering why there are many of all handsome boys & girls and design work featured here in my blog... It got nothing to do with LittleSyam, but they are so important to me...where they are being part of my life journey...and today was the final presentation of my fourth batch, lecturing Applied Design subject at Dasein Academy of Art. My last batch of students... 

Teaching is always something that I passionate about, with such heavy heart I decided to say good bye. I have to focus on the opening of shop at Art Row Publika. Each of them will be missed dearly.

Talented Hui Wen
Cheerful Sam
Cheeky CK
I imagine them as a big future designer one day...and when the time came, I definitely will be proud as a person used to share a bit of knowledge with all this talented students. To all keep fighting, absorb as much knowledge...till we meet again ya:) luv luv //syam

Makan, makan & makan

I am the type of person that will choose good food over luxury.