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Japanese & English Fever

I love my new fabric collection: Japanese & English Fever.  Available on my coming Bazaar: RM98, A4 size, Kettle Stich Binding.

New Painting....

Colour scheme of my new painting seems vibrant and warm this time. A lot more to touch up so stay tune. I will put one of this at Kiwanis Charity Corner. Havent decided which one yet. How I wish I could produce more...phewww I am running out of time...but TAKE IT EASY as the painting says:) When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. Helen Keller

Pasar BazaaaA, Filmmakers Anonymous

Saturday, July 30 ·  1:00pm  -  8:00pm Location whitebox mapkl Level G2-01, Block A5, Dutamas 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Off Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia For Filmmakers Anonymous More Info In conjunction with Filmmakers Anonymous' (FA) 5th Birthday Bash, Filmmakers Anonymous are organizing an arts&crafts&other stuff market - "Pasar BazaaaA". Come shop for awesome handmade & original items - also a chance to make your own mini sized canvas arts, tshirts, & tote bags! We also have NGO booths, organic products, vintage clothes, bags, accessories, delish desserts,etc. It's gonna be a day filled with fun, games, and laughter. :) Bring your friends, family, grandparents, neighbors, coworkers to the party! *cue confetti* Check me, Lina, Gigi, & Emi Kaz at Pasar BazaaaA, Filmmakers Anonymous:)

Book Binding Workshop 10 > 25 July 2011 dan lain-lain:)

I had a great time yesterday. Old friend of mine Tips sent her 3 kids to Little Syam Book Binding workshop. We had a marathon schedule right from 10am till 12am at night:) I am glad I had separated them from workshop 09. They need a different module and approach. I managed to teach them 3 methods; asanoha toji, simple PU leather notebook and kettle stitch binding. In between we went for a short field trip shopping for material supplies, lunch break and an evening end up went for a swim at Renaissance Hotel and supper at Shazana Cafe, Kg Bahru. Pheeeeww... what a wonderful and tight day. Khaliesah   Top: Khaliesah and Kabir Bottom: Tips & Dalilah And yeaayyyyyy I made my first sell at Etsy for my Owl hanging mobile big - my first buyer: Joy Kelly from United Kingdom... soooo happy:) I only have 4 days left before Film Maker Bazaar (SAT) & Kiwanis Mini Charity Bazaar (SUN). I hope I could manage to produce some silkscreen painting by then. Silkscreen mould on prog

Quote of the Day:)

Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it. The more you need the money, the more people will tell you what to do. The less control you will have. The more bullshit you will have to swallow. The less joy it will bring. Know this and plan accordingly . Hugh Macleod

Hello There:) Happy Sunday...

Been very-very-very-very busy lately, but having a workshop is always something that I look forwards to. I met many wonderful people, sharing the same passion, be able to passing the skill..and out of it I make friend with all of them. 5 students attended my LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 9: Shirl , she attended workshop 8 1st day session and organise a cake pop class. Thanks Shirl for the cake pop..yummyyy. Check her at Adrina , mother of two kids, check her at Samantha , an architect student at Taylor College. Jenny , she made beautiful jewelry and other beautiful craft. Check her at Kelly , a graphic designer. beautiful creation of Samantha, Shirl & Adrina Top left: Me, Shirl & Samantha Bottom: Kelly, Adrina & Jenny Kelly, Jenny & Shirl Enjoy the photo taken from the workshop:) Gonna have another workshop tomorrow, teaching 3 kids and I

Design Proposal - Lecture Series

The Sime Darby Lecture Series brings forward prominent experts in the field of economics, society and environment. Sime Darby aims to create a learning avenue with the Lecture Series to enforce our commitment towards sustainability for the future. source from: A very interesting deco proposal for big event  - Lecture Series organised by Sime Darby at Sime Darby Convention Centre. I felt proud to be part of it. Job managed by Safinaz from Maya Puri was successfully executed and the energy that have been channel for this project was worth doing when client was happy with the outcome. The visual was an overnight job with not much changes. The topic for this year Lecture Series was about terrorism and these topic need to be translated into a deco. Using recycled, reclaimed wood as a concept, the decor are represented to complement an overall discussion topic in humble symbolic way. It was turn out close to visual I've proposed with changes here

Quote of the Day:)

Creative Muse > 17 July Sunday

I was participated in Creative Muse the next day after Urbanscapes. I am so blessed having many students and friends that came to support the event and all other crafter. Creative Muse is an event held at The Weld organised by Cut Out Magazine team. Check this event that was held once a month, they are different from other art bazaar by having programme & performance during the event. Top left: Lina & Vivian. Top right: Thanks Kak Norzie for coming:) Bottom left: HuiYuen & Emi playing batu seremban. Bottom right:  Meet the artist session Top: Effa in the house bottom: Kelly, CY and Nolan Baby Sophea...geeeeraaaammm, Jaszmyn's daughter Thanks to both Eu Geen & Hui Ling. They always there to support our creative scene:) bottom: Yummy soap

Plushies Hanging Mobile listed for Etsy

Owl Elephant Fatty Cat Birdie

Quote of the Day:)

Urbanscapes 2011

I had a wonderful time at Urbanscapes...the crowd were overwhelming just like what I've been imagined and YES I am talking none stop LOL. I've met many wonderful people. Thanks for puchasing LittleSyam products:) Lingggggggggg>>> sweet girl and I love looking at people reaction towards my products   My setup:)   Top: Safinaz...baaaa caaaak Bottom: Teddy Bunny adopted by sweet Ella:) Urbanscapes 2011 at Padang Astaka I remember a few names that kind to drop by and give support; Ling that been so kind adopting my Dolltopia Owl, Ella and dad adopting Teddy Bunny and another 2 girls adopting Owl and Duckie. Jennifer if I am not mistaken that purchased my notebook. I am so touched when she felt inspired by the quote inside the book... Emi & sister...Joanne and Nana, Gigi... oh so many people...thanks 100000000x. Love//syam

Replenish order for Tropical Spices Garden

Here are some photos of Dolltopia I produced for Tropical Spices Garden. I am sure they are in good hands there. Tropical Spices Garden was such a wonderful place and I am happy and proud to be part of them:)

Quote of the Day:)

Gloomy Friday

I have a few photos to share but my external memory card reader gone kaput again...grrrr. What a gloomy Friday today..and I hope I can just continue sleeping...but still so many things need to be taken care of. I just finished my consignment order for Tropical Spices Garden and I only have one day to produce products for Urbanscapes. Used to be panicking whenever there are any bazaar but I am taking it easy...Just bring whatever I have and just have fun. WHAT you going to expect from me is books and many note books, some bag and tshirt , few painting and dolltopia & plushies hanging mobile. Lina will bring her lovely stool, bag and new products hairband. Safinaz will bring bags, batu seremban and many fabric based products. So look for us at booth number 06.  Say hi, if you dropby. I imagining myself busy talking and have fun. Have a great Friday and looking forwards for the Urbanscapes & Creative Muse. See you around//syam

Quote of the Day:)

And I loved the whole idea behind the story, which is that you're beautiful, so don't let other people tell you that you're not just because you don't look like the people in magazines. Or because you're not that weird ideal body image that's out there right now.   Mike Myers

Busy..busy..busyyy Day

What a busy week to me with so many things in hand...but I am sure it going to an exciting with Urbanscapes happening on Saturday and follows by Creative Muse the next day, Sunday. Which both i am going go participate. Feel free to dropby to Padang Astaka, we are at booth no 06 and if you are free the next day Sunday, dropby at The Weld.... I gonna have 2 workshops next week on Thursday for my friends kids that came back from Dubai for holiday. I am experimenting and going to compress and simplify everything into one day and skip coptic binding lesson, which I felt a bit difficult for kids to handle. On weekends 23 & 24/Sat & Sun there are another workshop. Both very small with number of 4 to 5 students only. Drop me an email if you are interested to join. Creative Muse CREATIVE MUSE The programme // 17th July, 2011 // 11am - 6pm The Weld Shopping Centre. Jalan Raja Chulan 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm MEET THE ARTISTS • CY Chen • Jin Claz’room Art Studio • Little Syam • F

Have a Peaceful Sunday:)

You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note - Doug Floyd Have a peaceful Sunday, May we learn something from yesterday:) My heart beat are pumping faster and my pray that everything will end up peacefully. The government are implemented their agenda without considering what people want. I am not saying all of them but some area are not taken care as what people want. Don't they realise they are supported by people. They are voice of people.  The one that hold the power should stop being complacent, so much tension, too much rumours in the air, people just want the betterment for Malaysia. Look at the root cause than pointing fingers to each other. I am scared where my children heading to but at the same time I am grateful that our country are much better than certain country. But I am sure things can be better. Not easy to have a multi racial people, whereby each of individual needs, sensitivity need to be taken care from every angle. What I hope is we c

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 8 >>> 7&8 July 2011

I had so much fun, 5 students came for my Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 8. Most of them are not a full time crafter, but the passion to learn the new skill what brought them to the workshop. Sofina and Safiyya are the 2 sisters both 9 and 11 years old that came back from Oman for summer holiday. I hope they could memorise the binding technique I taught them. The rest pick up very well and have done a good and very neat job for the first book they made. Well done:) Mei Ru...come on... you can do it:) Yeaaayyyyy graduated students from workshop 8 & their works:) Cheeky sisters Sofina & Safiyya Top: Sofina & Safiyya Bottom: Jia Mayne Student's master piece With Mei Ru & sudent's master piece Shirl; borong all the fancy ribbons & materials We went to a field trip, and it was convenient because the workshop was held on the weekdays..I can see everyone eyes sparkling looking at material available in my favourite supplier shop. L