Friday, February 28, 2014

Books on SALE:)

It's all about bird, butterfly, cat & fish:)

Price: RM100 each
Binding: Long stitch
Spine & Closure: Genuine leather with nipple stud
Paper: Ivory cream 160gsm
Pagination: 200 pages front back includes intro page
Measurement: 16cm(width) x 15.5cm(height)

Front cover
Back cover
Book 1
Book 2 (SOLD)
Book 3 (SOLD)
Book 4
Book 5 (SOLD)
Book 6 (SOLD)
Book 7
Book 8 (SOLD)
Book 9 (SOLD)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello there:)

I just hate the weather…It was so hot and I feel like to escape to somewhere chill. Phewwww…
Looking at my schedule this year, seems like I am not going anywhere for a long break.. and see if my hard work & effort this year could bring me for another long break again next year.

It was such a very interesting year to begin with.. and time definitely flies too fast.. and now February are nearly came to the end.

I enjoy and looking forward for every single workshop here in Setia Eco Park. I feel so excited to implement my proposal module. I do have organised workshop for kids before, but this is more extensive and the fact that client trust me completely and I have freedom to conduct my way is what please me most.

He just so adorable:)
February Workshop, Love keychain for Velantine:)
Hey I can remember their name, Carlos & Claudia.
They had attended the workshop for the continous 2 months:)
I have quite a few of new faces too:)
Sample for March Workshop:)
This is for March workshop. Decoupage frame..and I am so looking forward:) 

Farah, Aliza & Roslina
I had my February Book Binding Workshop at Emi Kaz..not many attendance but I am so happy to get to know each of them…We had a great session that full of laughter:)

Had our once every two month meet up with Eugene & Hui Ling…
Had a wonderful dinner of roti jala, and finish it over coffee & cake at Great Eastern Mall

Going to take photo of few books I managed to complete.
 Will be up for sale soon..

It's been a while since my last Pasar malam.. I found new vendor selling sengkuang calit.
More reason to go every week. The taste just unbelievable:) 
Looking at this every single day make me so happy:)
I received last minute order, 40 notebooks for one of BIG Group restaurant/cafe launching:)
I managed to do it in one day… yeayyyy

May the day after will full with many great memories. My life is like an open book where I don't really plan things accordingly. I grab opportunities that pass by or sometimes I just let go when my heart said I shouldn't even how profitable it was. I feel so content now to know that I made my own choice. 
I answer for my own failure and success, and there are no regret at all:)

APRIL WORKSHOP - register now!

05 April// Sat
SLOT 1 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - Kettle stitch
SLOT 2 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Coptic stitch

06 April// Sun
SLOT 3 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - French stitch
SLOT 4 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Long stitch

FABRIC FANATICSLevel 1, F1.31, Summit USJ Shopping Mall
(Next to Toy City, near to the escalator going to cinema)

Each slot price RM100 which includes material kits, light refreshment & certificate.
Tool will be available for loan.Each slot are limited to 10-15 students only.

You could book your seat NOW by email your detail to: or :

Name on certificate:
Date & Slot:
Contact Number:

(Slot consider booked only upon payment of non-refundable RM50 deposit to
Maybank account Samsiah Binti Jendol
Account no: 164052355030

or you could book from Fabric Fanatics too.

Kindly notify me via email of the payment proof once deposit has been banked in.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop at Fabric Fanatics

25&26 JANUARY 2014

My first workshop for 2014.. Not many people but I am happy to be able to remember everyone name:) I can never thank enough for continuos support from everyone. Kelly and Michelle from Fabric Fanatic such a wonderful host, I love their space and the material she sell are so crazy…Never fail to spend on fabric and material there:)

25 January~Kettle Stitch Slot
Rafiq & Hui Wen
Mei, Linda & Shu Wen
Group photo 
The final book from them:)

25 January~Coptic Stitch Slot

Mei, Pojoo& Jasmin

26 January~French Stitch Slot

Ziela looks so serious:)
Ziela, Yati & Shu Wen

26 January~Long Stitch Slot


Monday, February 10, 2014

Beautiful Kemboja

Moment that I always waiting for every year. 
Kemboja flower started to bloom, beautiful sight:) 

Hello Busy Day

JANUARY 18, 2014
I had my first children workshop at Eco Park for their kid's club. Taught them a simple note book with silkscreen method apply on the cover. It was like going out from KL for half a day once a month to teach all this kid art & craft. 

I had such a wonderful moment looking at their face eagerly ready to learn and explore.
I like working with my client; easy, very supportive and trust on what I wanna teach.

My workshop not  going to be a typical drawing class, but I will teach a different modules every month, where I hope the kid will gain a skill and think out of the box.  Creativity to be applied on the functional art. 

I am grateful for the opportunity given:) Something that I am looking forward every month. Definitely going to have lots of fun too:)

JANUARY 22. 2014

Went up again to Penang to replenish more stuff, I am so happy to stock more of my products since I had so little stock on the earlier set up. I managed to create more books, notebook, keychain, bring more painting and dolls:) Took a train ride to Ipoh, and Lina will drive us all from there.

I almost being left when I reached KL Sentral right on the dot. Phewwww… I normally will use STAR to KL Sentral but hubby decided to sent me that day due to big luggage that I need to carry with me. Taking a STAR LRT ride with big luggage maybe not a good idea by looking at the peak hour and amount of people are heading to work.

Unfortunately the traffic was bad that day and hubby was driving like a FI driver. Phewww my heart never beat this fast before:) Real adrenaline rush:) But I managed to reach 2 minutes before the train took off, running quickly to platform with luggage in my hand seems so adventurous.

 We slept at Lina's home, had a nice lunch at Burps & Giggles in Ipoh,
nasi lemak and went back the next day

Baby Rey sayang:)
beautiful seed:)