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Upcoming Project:)

ayam den lopeh silkscreen painting for hanging mobile book cover silkscreen painting I managed to finish it after a long delay and gonna proceed the artwork for hanging mobile and book cover. I will post final product once done with it.. This is all available by end of October at 3 different bazaars that I will involve around KL, Japanese Bazaar, American Bazaar and Bijou Bazaar. So folks.. stay tune ya:)

Book Binding Workshop 2&3 October 2010

HELLO ALL:) I have finalised the venue for coming workshop  this weekend . It going to be slightly smaller group, and it is time to try handle it on my own, by assistance of friends and see how it goes... I am so looking forwards to have my 2nd workshop.  flyer (For anybody that interested to join in, email me at with your details,  I still have an extra seat to squeeze.  Thank you so much for whoever that has registered. The workshop will start at 10.00am and end at 4.30pm. For whoever that has registered but haven't email me the detail yet, I hope you could do so ASAP.  Name: Preferred name on certificate: Address: Telephone/Mobile: Email: Website: (if any) Food: (Kindly stated if you are vegetarian etc) book binding kit For participant you could bring along an additional materials such as paper, fabric, thread, string and decoration, but basic material for 3 types of binding method are provided plus tools will be on loan for the workshop. Extra

Happy Sunday:)

Beautiful Thing!

Not a creation of mine, just my personal collections and gift.. They are beautiful...dun you think so? Soft toys by france designer, clay figurine bought from Kwong Yee (clay art), 2010 calendar in miniature tree from Japan, wooden hanging chicken, gift from Gigi from Thailand. I got so many other little things, bit and pieces from everywhere..can't wait for my mini studio to get ready...Did my spring cleaning today..the truth is I desperately need bigger space.

Cleansing Continue...

I've been eating mostly salad this few day...avoiding solid food like rice, meat...just tofu...a bit of kuih raya.. and I feel like my weight become lighter..and kind of feel good at the same time especially on my tummy area. Today since I am out of lettuce, and the market seems out of lettuce too, I am experimenting with Chinese Cabbage, Celery, Gerkin, Carrot, Cucumber and I add on slice of chicken with thousand Island dressing...and diet will end up with jogging in the afternoon with Gigi at Ampang Hilir. Focusssssss...try to..:)

Images for STAR Article :)

photo taken by Safinaz...thanks babe photo taken by Safinaz...thanks babe

Happy Sunday:)

This is how I spend my Sunday..listening to list of favourite songs and instrumental from my iTunes. Jason Mraz, Yiruma, Zee Avi and Baskers from Japan, Umbrella to be specific while sewing the tote bag for my book binding workshop...with sound of dangling from hanging seashell touch each other looking through the window at back room cum studio. I hope you have a great Sunday too:)

Book Restoration

I did my spring cleaning and found this 4 books that I am supposedly to do some repair job longggggg time ago. This old kitab is owned by Kak Yah..she asked me to help doing restoration by fixing the cover and see what else I could do about it. The kitab was in pretty bad shape...worm/has eaten most of the pages and it full of dust. Using the left over purple paper/fabric from my guest book project for cover,  this is how the final kitab looks like. It was like an overdue debt that finally been paid ..phewwww.

Food for Thought

barra cafe, pandan prima “ Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. ”

Dolltopia Family

Dolltopia Family:) I just realise that my Dolltopia family has grown up for more than 10 characters now. All are one of a kind, hand made with attention of detail made of quality, mostly cotton fabric. Each character comes with certificate of adoption.  Email me at littlesyam@gmai should you interested to adopt.

Time to Cleanse:)

homemade salad On the midst of consuming healthy leafy meal after Hari Raya. I enjoyed food so much during Raya and time to take care of what I am eating since gain weight kind of easy nowadays. Experimenting with mixture of Gerkin, Celery, Thousands   Island, Celery, Cucumber, Lectuce. 

Intensively Create, Create, Create and Create

Hello all, I am back to my normal routine and as for Raya break as usual, time to get together with all siblings, but unfortunately I won't be able to share any shot here...some one, or may be me had accidentally deleted all 2000 pcs picture in my D70 Nikon...mmmm Kind of amaze,  I am totally ignore the fact my archive of precious pictures has gone, erased totally, well maybe not yet till I need to use any of those pictures. Or probably I just do not want to think about it because I am incapable, nothing that I can do about it. Here I would like to share my latest illustration where these characters will be translated to silkscreen mould for a few projects such as..hanging mobile character, accessories, book cover, maybe bag.... we will see how it goes... will update you soon with more visual/pictures. Soo till then...stay tune:) From top: owl, elephant, roaster, fish, cat, sugar glider

Have a Nice Break & Happy Hari Raya:)

I am taking a long break and will be away from my computer till tuesday. Fasting month flies really fast..and all muslim will celebrate raya either on Thursday or Friday. October going to be a busyyyyyyy month for me. Going to participate in Japanese Bazaar on 31st October, and American Bazaar on November. Need to speed up doing my craft...and there are one or two freelance graphic jobs on October need my urgent attention plus help my friend with proposal of merchandising items for local theme park plus my own proposal for place of interest after raya....pheww. Do not forget my book binding on 2 & 3 of October. Those projects will make me busy till end of year. Got to turn down offer to involve in exhibition at Abu Dhabi:( I have a difficult time making decision because Atie, nanny, friend, sister cum helper will comeback to Indonesia for good on 31st October, the same day I suppose to fly. I will definitely miss her buzzing around...her food, and shoulder to cry on. And it not

Salam Aidil Fitri

Malam Raya Pasang Pelita Sempurna Terlaksana Ibadah Puasa Tangan Dihulur Maaf Dipinta Andai Ada Terkasar Bahasa To My Dear Friends, Happy Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin & Drive Safely:)

Hello There:)

Hi, I've been so occupied with  jobs and there are also many things happened lately at one go. I am helping out a good friend of mine, Lina to do the packing of hamper for Hari Raya. We are so busy doing the tagging, decorating and even deliver those hamper to the Platinum and Gold Enrich MAS member. Get to know Kak Linda that is sooooooo good in cooking. The cake was packaged in a very nice box designed by Lina. Gold and Platinum Hamper filled with homemade dates and walnut cake. Managed to snap beautiful flower from Kak Linda garden ...sooo pretty. And hey I missed to wish all of you Happy Merdeka Day...but I dun think it is too late to do facebook status stated: " The one who thinks freely, thinks well... Happy Merdeka Day Everyone!" Merdekakah kita??? Life nowadays is not as it used to be 10 years back, I hate reading newspaper where it full with load of issues that only  make me more stress. YES I believe in the freedom of speech, express whatever