Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonderful Day:)

I slept at 5am last night. I've got to finish up a proposal of corporate identity for a new client right away after my meeting at 11.30pm with another client. Last minute request, and as usual I just don't know how to say NO...haaaissssh.

Woke up 3 hours later to get ready to facilitate the children workshop at PETRONAS gallery. Looking at number of kiddos coming just make me so happy; 40 kids... I am teaching them the method of Paper Mache and then making a vase/labu sayung out of it and in between while waiting for Paper Mache to dry, I taught them how to make a bookmark and card using a weaving technique/anyaman tikar.

With the number of overwhelming participation, I am glad to had Eita to assist. Some doing well and some losing patient...but the climax of looking at their excited face poking the balloon at the end of workshop was just so overwhelming...LOL

The corporate identity's client called at the end of workshop saying that they like some of corporate identity I proposed and they have narrowed down the selection with some changes here and there...and that was just a great ending for such a very hectic day... and now I can sleep peacefully, before another day tomorrow that will fill with adrenaline rush...just like a happy roller coaster.

Good night all... have a sweet dreamzzzzZZZZZzzzz.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leather Bound Wedding Guest Book

Custom order for friend to be given as a present to her friend wedding 
- a Leather Bound Wedding Guest Book.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kids Workshop at Galeri PETRONAS

I am so excited for an invitation to held my third session of children workshop at Petronas Gallery... the kids going to get their hand dirty playing with glue and papers tomorrow. I had so much fun making this...and hope to stimulate their creativity in a way:)

Items they will produce:
1) Vase/ paper sculpture - labu saying
2) Book mark & card - woven mat

Monday, May 28, 2012

Children Workshop at Petronas Gallery

I am going to teach the children how to make Labu Sayung & Woven Mat from recycled materials this coming Thursday at Petronas Gallery. These are conjunction with the exhibition of Kesultanan Di Raja Perak.

Fee is only RM25, you could contact visitor services (03 23317770 or Rofiah (03 23311228)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh&Ah Store Opening

I've been invited to Oh&Ah store opening launch, to be part of good friend setting up a booth to sale my products. I had a wonderful time surrounding with nice people in a very nice and warm space. It was always great to support our own local scene of designer & crafter. Oh&Ah been a good friends of mine and we involved in many design and craft event together.

To witness them opening this great space, it was admiring the huge step and proud in every courage they had. Check them and their whimsical products available online too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Work in Progress

Many more to do... Gambateeeehhh. Some sneak peek of what available tomorrow at Oh n Ah Store Launch.

See you trow:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Day:)

Hello there....I am pretty busy with some work in progress; custom orders for book and guest book, art & craft for Oh n Ah opening store this Sunday and proposal for corporate identity. I am moving from one job to another, all very exciting. Look like my plan to travel need to be postponed after raya. I am planning to take a time break..looking for new inspiration somewhere with my good friend Lina.

Next Thursday going to be my last day with batch 113, at Dasein Academy of Art. How time flies, and I definitely going to miss all of them.
Job in progress, I am making some adjustment on the font and color.
Making this into real book soon.

I will probably will held a children workshop at Petronas Gallery, sometimes next week. The workshop are held conjunction with the exhibition of Kesultanan Di Raja Perak. I am thinking of teaching them how to make a Labu Sayung from Paper Mache'. Will share about this soon...have a great weekends all. //syam

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White Flower

I can't live without plant or green around me. I adore my mom that has green thumb. She can grow almost any plant. To be surrounded by nature make me feel close to her, reminding me of my root, familiar ambience I used to grown up.

If I've given a choice between big house with small garden or big garden with small house, my obvious and definite choice going to be big garden with small house..

Rare flower that I don't know what its name, I call it white daffodil,
given to me by my mom 7 years ago.
Produce flower only twice a year.

I ate lots of Pesto, try to grow some Basil
Water lily
Looks like Alamanda to me, cripple type:)
Plant is the best therapy for me...I don't have any proper land and I plant most of it in the pot. Basic herbs like curry, lemon grass, pandan, kaffir leaf, leafy plant and many of white flowers.

I inspired by nature and most of my artwork will have nature somehow in it. It be able to make me breath and looking at thing at better perspective:)

Monday, May 21, 2012

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop

Workshop 21 //14 July at Fabric Fanatic

F 1.31, First floor, The Summit Subang USJ
(limited of 10 person per slot only)

Book your seat now, email your detail to

Name on certificate:
Website: (if any)
(Slot consider booked only upon payment of unrefundable RM50 deposit).
Maybank account Samsiah Binti Jendol /ac no: 164052355030

Food revolution ala Jamie Oliver:)

I am soooooo inspired by Jamie Oliver...simple healthy food can be so delicious. He experts in his field and strive beyond excellent and make sure everything with a great purpose and intention. My spirit kind of spark looking at his enthusiastic to make a change.

I try to cook as much as I can whenever time allow me to do so. But my problem is I have 4 different taste in my family, syam 0+ married to Ismail AB produced 2 kids boy syamil A+ and girl Arissa B+. We are not only have different blood type but also have different character and preference in every single thing including foods. Pheeewwwww...

Tough, because I hardly have luxury to cook single food where everyone could enjoy. Here are some that everyone can enjoy without me having to cook more than 2 dishes. Even some of the food, Mr hubby will modify the taste by putting extra sauce in it:)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Invited:)

I am invited by designer friend Oh n Ah to be part of artist and designer to showcase during their store launch this Sunday, 27 May from 12pm-4pm at 9, Jalan Riong, Bangsar.
Here are map:

I may sell some of my products too. It going to be a nice event with loads of wonderful stuff.

All Invited, so better mark your date folk...I am so looking forward:)


I can't believe, it's been 2 years and my number of student now officially; 400th. I have more than 400 but these are all counted based on certificate I gave out. I remember the first workshop I had two years ago, the number not as many as now, I am making every possible publicity, looking at venue, kind of nervous if everything might went wrong. The riding since day one is the most precious journey I've experienced.

I've changed the workshop flow a bit different, try to accommodate based on limited time I had but for the same focus, reason and mission.

I met many wonderful enthusiastic people, with many character, build up a friendship even a networking, something that I can never imagine could happen to me. And I do meet with people, that looking at the skill as an opportunity too.... I had to focus on my intention and ignore some negative side of it, not much but sometimes can be quite irritating. I enjoy every single moment and every student I had met have a very soft spot in my heart.

I may not live that much long in this earth. I  am now passing on the skill from encouragement of my Guru, Larry, spreading the skill of love. He left the legacy for me to continue and I will do exactly the same, my own version, my own way but he will always there to inspire me. It's been I year and 20 days since he was gone... I am sure he was really proud of me, and he peeping in sometimes to make sure I am alright.

Here are some pictures from my workshop at (monster craft) yesterday. I had a wonderful time there, Steve and Icy such a wonderful host and they have huge space...Looking forward to have another workshop there..been discussing maybe on 1st of July. Eita had assisted me yesterday. I am grateful to have her to help handling big number of students..Enjoy the picture:)

Top: Morning Session
Bottom: Afternoon Session
Demo time: I have husband & wife (Ezalman & Esyikeen), Sisters (Pek Nee & Pek May),
Haslina, Icy, Intan,  Lady Winsor (Shasha), Dodo, Yen Ni, Melanie & Yu Mei

May (Coptic Stitch Session)

Renee (Coptic Stitch Session)
Kettle Stitch Session 
Coptic Stitch Session

Yu Mei
Herlany & Eita
Reflect back, I am blessed to be surrounded by people who always believe in what I am doing...I will continue as long as I could. If I am no longer around, I am now confidently could smile that there going to be many of others that will continue what I've started and I hope they will keep spreading the skill with so much love and passion, because love and passion is so highly matter to me...

Kind of a very emotional post this time..LOL:) blame it to hormone, but sincerely, I won't trade the experience of the past 2 years with anything.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amazing Day

Busy week, today especially. Thursday where I put aside everything and had my pleasant teaching day at Dasein. I started last year and I had taught and teaching 3 batch of students so far. Teaching was a satisfaction that I couldn't express through word.

Today is a BIG day, for my second batch DGD 113, because today was like a judgement day of their internal assessment. I am nervous, because the output somehow reflects me as an educationist too, ppphhheeew.

Looking at their progress, and see how they crawl, walking and running, and fall back..and bounce again was what make teaching interesting. Applied Design is subject whereby the lesson was full of fun exploring technique, discover the style, doing analytical thinking and implementation. 

I can feel every single struggle as student and how they strive, still searching for their own identity and look. Hopefully one day they will look back and feel how important the process and how useful the lesson they had learnt that could help their profession as a designer. And for that simple reason it make me happy for being part, contributed to their learning process, just bit of it.

look at what I've received today:)