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Life kind of easy at this moment, when most of the jobs seems pretty settled except for one or two. I do not involved in much bazaar lately...I am happily lazy, taking my time thinking and creating. There are a few customised order of Dolltopia Kitty Cat family (6 of them) need to be finished and delivered before I fly to Bangkok... and more bag design and books. Collaboration work as guest artist to Oh n Ah craft store also need an attention.. but I am taking my time.....that's why I really looking forwards of this pause... Everyone does need a pause in their life to chill and relax, mesmerised and looking back..and that what I call strategy. Here I would like to share my recent creation just a simple books, plain with hand silkscreen of illustration, limited edition of only 20 units. Very handy, a perfect simple note book for you to jot down your ideas, notes & lists.

Article by Joelynn Chin

This article was written by Joelynn, student from my 1st workshop.  Enjoy & thanks Joelynn:) Book Binding Craft The long drive to Taman Botani, Putrajaya did not deter the eight students eager to learn the art of book binding in a 2-day workshop conducted by crafter Samsiah Jendol (better known as Syam). It was her first class for the public, and I was invited by my long time friend to be part of it. I first knew Syam when we worked in the same ad agency about nine years ago. When I left, she made me a farewell present. It was a lovely little book hand-bounded with a fabric-wrapped cover. Even back then, Syam was already a keen crafter. Six months ago, she decided to do it full time and quit her corporate job as creative designer. Bookbinding was just one of the crafting skills she picked up during her student days at the Wanganui School of Design in New Zealand. Having taught the art to students at Dasein

Latest Project

The empty canvas that being kept for 2 years finally filled with mosaic of colours...pheeewww..kind of happy with the outcome..

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 16&17 April 2011

Hello all, Time to have another workshop...yess thought of gonna take a break for awhile, but seems things are quite manageable at this moment so it is a time to have another workshop.... 2 possible venues for the workshop will be at my home at Pandan Jaya or the photography studio at Desa Pandan, my usual workshop place before (need to be confirmed). If you interested to join this time around, email me your detail at Name: Preferred name on certificate: Address: Telephone/Mobile: Email: Website: (if any) ABOUT LITTLESYAM BOOKBINDING WORKSHOP Little Syam Book Binding workshop are open for anyone who passionate to learn how to hand bind a books. During these 2 days you will learn how to bind a books using 3 types of binding methods:  Japanese Binding, Kettle Stitch Binding and Coptic Binding . Due to limited seat of only 10-15 students per workshop the application will be on first-come, first-served basis.  PAYMENT F and more books

close up detail of paper & silkscreen finish 1) Coptic binding RM25, using craft paper, 6" x 4.5" with japanese pattern fabric 2) Medieval binding - gift for Lina, one of a kind with green theme patchwork 3) Japanese stab binding > pray for japan for eco design event 4) Coptic binding 2 in 1 book with silkscreen art- using straw paper-rough fibre for eco design event 5) Kettle stitch binding > dream book with silkscreen art- using straw paper-rough fibre for eco design event 6) The most precious book amongst all, my student work 1994>3 in one book-there are another 2 books inside 7) Medieval binding - one of a kind with blue theme patchwork RM80 8) Coptic binding RM25, using craft paper, 6" x 4.5" with japanese pattern fabric

Syam in the mood of La...

gonna explore & perfect the binding technique..kind of happy with this new creation:) This is for Lina - for her birthday:) for a good friend, Zack for her birthday All for eco design display.. small book by lay Hoon:)


Magnificent city skyline from Ampang Hilir Hello there.. I am kind of exhausted a bit..with many things running around in my head... What happened to Japan kind of shock to me..The place kind of close to me and I still try to absorb of what was happened and keep wondering.. For these never takes thing for granted..we are so lucky with condition of our country, and do not ever make the situation worst by negative assumption and  comments.. and keep praying for the world peace. Pushing off all negative thinking and be grateful. Live a life to the fullest because we never know what going to happen next. Sharing session & prize giving ceremony Nice moment captured. Above: Lina eco footstool prototype Below: Rebecca with her gorgeous paper mache new line   Purely creative...Love her creation:) Eco Design Campaign held at Weld even just a small scale event but it was a big step...Eco awareness kind of very low in Malaysia. It has a deeper meaning than just recycled.

Busy...busyyyy day

Tropical Spice Garden, Teluk Bahang, Penang

A MUST visit place when you are in Penang Island. I never been to Penang for ages..But I thought I really need a break. Decided to join Lina to Penang for a weekends. She has joined Straits Quay Bazaar and going to make a footstool delivery to Tropical Spice Garden Gift Shop. Lina has been very supportive to me and always offer to bring along my products whenever she went to Penang, either joining the Bazaar or involved in the Shopping Weekends. That is how Tropical Spice Garden stumble across my products. Giant Morning Glory welcomes us at the main entrance Lina rearrange her footstools..also available at Tropical Spice Garden. Look at the beautiful leaf drawn on floor by Rebecca Duckett. Well known as Rebecca Owen I had sent my consignment order much earlier through Lina..and YES I am so excited to check on my products  at their new transit before someone take it home. You can found LittleSyam handmade products from hanging mobile, dolltopia, wind chimes & handmade b

Head Over Heels

Nothing more beautiful than having her pieces of footstool at the corner of your home. They are extremely adorable and gorgeous. Lina has been doing footstools for many years. Each of her pieces are truly a labours of love, individually with its own character, beautiful with an outstanding colour combinations, unique with choices of different colour legs... one of a kind... I have 5 of her footstool and never had enough. I am using it for my coffee table seat. Ideal for gift too..very personalise.  Contact her at , she be able to provide you the e-catalogue of her available collections...

150% FOCUS:P

hello all Another 2 days to go before ecodesign event ...and so many ideas need to be executed ....phhheeewww. I am on total silent mode and totally shut myself out from phone call, email, facebook ...mmmm...from now:P... My studio are extremely messy with precious scrap...all gonna turned to become a books. .. precious scrap:) All this while I've been created books for commercial, selling purposes..and it is time to do something that got more artistic value and expressive interm of message...Right time, right place and hope it will turn out as what in my thought... straw papers & silkscreen mould... Running around to pick up books from students... some are just for display and some are for sale...5 students submitted their work so far... going to post picture of each book soon. messing around with illustration Some hint of what I gonna display...Still at the very beginning/early stage... gonna work very hard this 2 days... Lets the creative rocks and

Pray For Japan

Hello There:)

Samsiah Jendol, / Well known as LittleSyam, Samsiah is a home-based designer who balances her life by taking on design jobs to express, exploring art and craft to feel and teaching art workshop to connect. She believes that every designer can play an important role in creating new design values towards making the earth a better place to live in. Her bookbinding workshop is designed to share the skills with individuals who love working with their hands. This conventional way of making a book is one way to contribute towards eco design, without much wastage, use of eco-friendly materials  plus consuming zero energy. Hello there... kind of busy this week with preparation for Eco Design Campaign. It was such an honour to be invited as guest artist for this event. Hope to see you there:) As for my session..there are Q&A at 2.30pm... and display of few handmade books by students from Little Syam Book Binding Workshop..and my personal book...

Be True to Yourself and Others.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking . Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity. ” “ I certainly don't regret my experiences because without them, I couldn't imagine who or where I would be today. Life is an amazing gift to those who have overcome great obstacles, and attitude is everything! ”

Eco Design Campaign @ The Weld

Hello all, jooooooommmm:),+Federal+Territory+of+Kuala+Lumpur&cid=0,0,1229053337706292414&ei=dIB3Ta7wK8XIrQe7gqC_Cg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=4&ved=0CDcQnwIwAw picture courtesy by:

I'm Back with Full of Energy

Hello's been an inspiring trip...And thankssssss to Lina that inviting me to come along with her to Ipoh & Penang. With my compact i10 I managed to drive slowly to Ipoh..stayed overnight and driving to Penang the next day..stayed for 2 night and came back, stop at Ipoh and drove back to Kuala Lumpur... Managed to squeeze ourself to visit a few places in between the Straits Quay Bazaar... Lina's home; blossom the cat, nasi lemak for dinner...Roslan treat Hello Penang..Here I comes... It's been a wonderful trip accompanied by best buddies Lina & Safinaz... Now back to normal life..busy-busy-busy with full of inspiration and energy:) Little boy with my hanging mobile owl:) Lina's Foot Stool Straits Quay...I love their directional signage Habour at Straits Quay Tropical Spices Garden..beautiful & serene place. Must Visit Place... Lina did very well with her beautiful footstool at Strait Quay Bazaar. Met with many wonderful pe

Hello There:)

Looking forward for 4 days trip to Penang this Friday - Monday. I am going to take a break from blogging hopefully be able to share and updating news by Monday night. Will drive slowly to Ipoh, Lina's home and then drive up to Penang the next morning. I am excited to capture image from different culture flavor.. Going to check up Little Syam products featured at Tropical Spices Garden, ENO Hotel.. I am so looking forwards. Gonna leave kids behind so it gonna be purely trip of my own. I have booked ticket to Bangkok..Yeaaayyyyy..for April Trip.. Till then xoxo//syam