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February Book Binding Workshop

February Workshop. REGISTER NOW! WHEN? 22 Feb 2014// Sat  SLOT 1 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - Kettle stitch SLOT 2 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Coptic stitch  ------------------------------  23 Feb 2014// Sun  SLOT 3 (10am ~ 1.30pm) - French stitch  SLOT 4 (2.30pm ~ 6.00pm) - Long stitch  ------------------------------  WHERE?  EMI KAZ  No 9-1, Jalan Dataran Wangsa 1 Dataran Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur ------------------------------  INTERESTED TO JOIN?  Each slot price RM100 which includes material kits, light refreshment & certificate.  Tool will be available for loan.  Each slot are limited to 10-15 students only.  ------------------------------  You could book your seat NOW by email your detail to Name:  Name on certificate:  Date & Slot:  Contact Number:  Email:  (Slot consider booked only upon payment of non-refundable RM50 deposit to  Maybank account Samsiah Binti Jendol /act no: 1640523550

Original from an interview of Majalah Metro, Friday 29 November

1. Sejak bila menulis blog dan bagaimana ia bermula? Mula menulis blog pada tahun 2006, bagi merekodkan perkara penting dan sekadar mencuba. Mungkin juga kerana tren menulis blog mula rancak diperkenalkan. Komitmen keatas kerja menyebabkan entri sangat sedikit pada masa itu. 2. Adakah ia sekadar suka-suka atau untuk perniagaan? Saya mencuba untuk berniaga di bazar pada tahun yang sama, jadi blog turut dijadikan sebagai tempat mempromosi aktiviti dan penglibatan dalam bazaar. Boleh dikatakan saya penulis yang pasif dan saya lebih menumpukan kepada applikasi flickr yang mana gambar di paparkan tanpa perlu penulisan yang panjang. 3. Berapa blog yang Syam ada dan ia mengenai apa? Saya menumpukan kepada satu blog sahaja iaitu 4. Siapa yang membaca blog dan berapa jumlah pengunjung? Kebanyakan pembaca blog dari kalangan peminat kraf atau sesiapa yang mengikuti perkembangan aktiviti saya atau yang berminat mengikuti bengkel yang saya anjurkan. Purata pengu

Busy Day:)

Try to be as productive as I can, but the truth was I am sometimes had my lazy day too. Bed seems so inviting and I can just day dreaming and doing nothing. When I do have custom order I do look closer to deadline. That's my total adrenaline rush, but looking at number of things I produced, I can consider myself as someone quite productive even though there are much better way to do stuff, but I rather to do what I can and not force myself too much. I received the phone call one day after I came back requesting an assistant to create a proposal document. Client had passed me nice wall paper to be used for cover. Miss Dish   Mr Spoon I've been working with Jokee from time to time basis whenever she need help with goodies for her birthday party she managed. Gegurl This eco notebook to be sent to Penang on 22 January. I am making another trip again with the rest of gang:) Excited! Keychain to be sent too:) Passport holder I managed to fini

LAPAN @ China House, Penang

What a crazy schedule I had. I am only have one day rest before heading up to Penang to set up our LAPAN shop, a mini duplication of Pop Up Store I used to collaborate with the Oh&Ah, Lina & Gigi Gee. We had secured the arrangement since last year and only 19 Dec was the final date agreed to set up, one day after I came back from New Zealand, phewww My BFF Lina had brought my stuff earlier to Ipoh, the plan was to catch the ETS train to Ipoh, met Lina there and drive up to Penang and meet with the rest of the gang in China House. I love the train ride, and the weather seems so nice. I don't have much product but good enough to begin with:) I love the shop, much easier to manage…and the location was quite strategic too. So if you drop by to George town, do visit us at:   China House, 155, Beach Street, GeorgeTown, Penang.

Travel Part 1

Life been so busy lately. I don't even have time to pause and was working non stop since I came back from travel. By the way the travel was so awesome, can't ask for more, there are so much things to tell about and I took dozen of photos and really had a wonderful time. The mixture of feelings, strolling down memory lane to the familiar place I used to be, and try to remember if everything was still exactly the same… My brain are loaded with happy memories and I am not sure why it took me 18 years to come back. Bit of regret but I am grateful the fact that I managed to squeeze time and I really made it this time. Coming back to New Zealand has been in my List To Do for many years and yeaaayyy I've ticked DONE:) All been so smooth but it felt so surreal, as if it was only a short nice dream. I had pinched myself a few times during my travel.. just to ensure that I am not actually dreaming. Now I am back to where I am with a new perspective, and I really wish and h