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Good Morning Sunshine

It's been a while since I uploaded stuff to my blog ...what happening to me? Always not enough time and how I wish I have extra of another 24 hours... but still at the end of the day the time felt too short... 2009 is almost towards the what I had achieved and happened this year????? 1) Japan training trip 3) Bangkok trip 2) Taught book binding workshop 3) Langkawi, Boustead project 4) Participated in urbanscape 5) Project that I proud of; Jonkerwalk, Simplysiti & Boustead 6) Syamil got third place in class and he gonna move to another class, avoiding the bully and yes he's a grown up boy and just had circumcise...oucccchhhh macam lembu kena sembelih. and what going to be my resolution next year??? 1) To be a better person dunia and akhirat 2) Postcard project 3) Art project 4) Travel oversea at least twice... 5) To exercise more & be healthy 6) Reduced my weight to 50-55 kg???? and the list getting longer and longer.... endless

Farewell Story Teller

She pushes her talent beyond boundary And life story goes on without prejudice Live fullest till the end When she gone Only the good thing will be remembered She gone too soon Touched so many heart when still many things to tell.... When still so many things to share... When still so many things we want to hear... Doesn't matter what people said.. Honesty, kindness was the only thing matters... Al fatihah Y•A Semoga tergolong di kalangan hamba Nya yang beriman Amanlah kau di sana