Thursday, February 21, 2013

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop - MARCH

Here are workshop schedule for month of MARCH. 

Email your detail to
Name on certificate:
Website: (if any)

Book NOW, seat considered secure by deposit RM50 to:
Maybank account; Samsiah Binti Jendol Act no: 164052355030)

Hello People:)

It was such a long time since I had any nap during the day. But today the weather kind of make me feel asleep. I am realise that I have been working really hard since the opening of the shop. Time are so limited nowadays. It was like a break when my turn taking care of the shop, because what is supposed to be two weeks break, before the rotation start again not totally a break.

I am glad that having a constant custom order….and some ad hoc job in between. I try not to take any graphic job nowadays, but there are still some coming in that I hardly resist. Do you know how difficult to say NO whenever people asking for help?

LAPAN will have an extension of two months at Art Row. I thinkPublika was such a wonderful venue and I am ok with the low traffic, and the capacity just nice for me to cope with production etc. I am excited whenever my turn taking care of LAPAN; to be able to talk and meet with many wonderful people. I always strive and make as much as sale to every LAPAN team. I am excited when people ask, if our products are made locally. I am sure there are many local talent around. We just fortunate that we had the courage to take the challenge, to be on our own. Believing in our passion and following own instinct.

Having limited time to blog lately, but I do update my facebook constantly. Thanks to instagram app:) I do not need to edit and upload pictures anymore. Suit for someone that always on the move like me.

Wedding Guest Book for K&M
Mini Book…I am obsess of fabric:P
Colourful binding
I had my mug custom by talented local potter; Clay
Zarif; came for Coptic Binding Slot, he specially learn and made Our Adventure Book for his girlfriend, sweet:)
Yvonne came all the way from Kota Kinabalu:) Glad that I met her finally..
Yvonne creation:)
Samantha came again joining the Kettle Stitch Slot
Available at LAPAN
Sarapan pagi:)
Cheers for all hard work; Tuck Loon & me celebrating the hard work with Vitagen:) 
Had custom order from UK, I am so glad I manage dto deliver and complete the task before Valentine Day.
Lism wanted to give this book to his girldfriend. He wrote a nice email to me on the arriving of he book.
My plant will have an extra TLC when I am at home:)
For baby Rey:)
Wantan Noodle 
Coptic Binding, available at LAPAN
Above was sold, I am making more for during Fuyoh this Sunday
I get to know this person CK that was kind to present LAPAn with plant and fish.
Gigi called he LALILA:)
Abandon precious building built during colonial.
What ashamed, having it like this. I just hate the insensitivity by the authority to preserved history.
I dont think building up taller concrete make us civilised. The sky scrapper seem like an eye sore,
when it doesn't contribute to aesthetic of environment and ambience at all. 
Gong Xi Fatt Cai to all:)
Nasi Dagang..yummm
Canny & Hidayah
Kopi Susu, Kurang Manis Tambah Gula
Japanese Binding
My precious
Custom order for CK
New work station
But believe me it need lots of hard work too, by juggling so much things in between. Go through error and experimenting. I supposed I was designed to be strong, committed and never give up. When reaching this age, risk is just a challenge, turning back is not an answer, when every difficult ride and adrenaline rush will only make me even stronger.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop FEB

Email your detail to

Name on certificate:
Website: (if any)

RM100 perslot. 
Book NOW by deposit RM50 to:
Maybank account ; Samsiah Binti Jendol 
Act no: 164052355030)

Random Instagram:)

Pictures from instagram for the last 2 weeks:)
Colour of nature
Me & baby Rey 
Keep making book…this is my life:)
My price tag finally arrived:)
Hey I have twin buying my Teddy Bunny:) Poyin & Poh Le
Commission custom order for Farewell book 
I am so happy that I could use the organic cotton fabric I bought from cloud 9 by my favourite illustrator Geninne 
Custom order for Our Adventure Book by Xiumin from Singapore:) I really hope she will love the book...