Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Last Call for Book Binding Workshop

What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you -  Oprah Winfrey

Last call for book binding workshop before the closing date. Due to not enough student I might have to cancel the workshop, do let me know before Thursday if you are still  interested to learn. I will take a long break from workshop and this going to be my last personal workshop for this year....

For the following Oct, Nov & Dec my focus going to be for a workshop collaboration with shop owner, gallery and corporate client only, which most of the date have been booked in advance...which I feel so thrill and will share with all of you soon:) I might plan and offer a different type of workshop for 2012, so stay tuned..take care all & thanks for your continued support //syam


zarina said...

I would love to attend your workshop but since I don't have a fixed income at the moment, I have to wait till next year.

Little Syam said...

Hi Zarina...Thanks for your support...I am sure will offer a different thing next year...some of my student make a living out of the skill they learn from me.... which is very great. Hope to see you some day... All the best:)