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Hello Monday

It's been such a tiring day... back to normal life after the long break that I could never had enough. How I wish to escape and could extend the break to be a bit longer... but reality check..yes it going to be a busy week with full of projects especially the set up for KL Design Week to be held 15-26 September at Publika Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara, Damansara.

I am producing a few more new products and also the same one with a different design, all to be showcase during the event. We have been given a retail space located at lot 51, G2, opposite the Old Town Cafe and close to Subways Restaurant along with other designer Oh&Ah and Gigi Gee. I am going to share the same lot with a good friend of mine Lina, well known for her footstool. It going to be a real retail shop of our own for 9 days..and I think there are a reason for me and Lina to see the possible real shop of our own in the future.

My friend call me Super Women but the fact is I am only human that will feel tired and exhausted too. But passion has never failed to keep me moving. I knew I couldn't change the world completely... and been struggling with problem of my own. Been trying to find my own niche... but yet with life that always revolve around me, I am glad to be able to adjust and switch into any kind of situation...

I am organising a workshop and producing art and craft a lot and have taking a break from my real job, as a graphic designer. I am slowly changing to something more practical than before. Teaching will always something that I enjoy it very much... and meet up with people; almost 300 students so far from my workshop was an experience I appreciated the most. I am excited every time I see a new group of talented peoples from different background all for the cause of passion in every workshop.

Gonna had my 2nd card making session on Wednesday follow by LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop by weekends, Saturday & Sunday. A few graphic job and art & craft in between...Phewwww

This is the right moment to take the whole thing to another level and I have decided to take a teaching job at Dasein Academy of Art...and I am so excited about this. 3 hours per week teaching Applied Design going to be an exciting new journey to me. Will start on October...wish me every luck:)


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