Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KLDW update

Last day of KLDW..I am glad to be part of it, such a great platform for me as a designer to showcase and get to know my product buyer. Despite of lack of promotion for this event, I am be able to get to know many new friends, build up next working and have a clear picture on the direction I am heading to.
Wonderful people that dropby; spiritual support that touch my heart deeply.
Oyeen Butet & Ann. Sweet Pi Chuey & Chanthana.
Book Binding slot with Chin Ven.
Boink and girls from UiTM.
We had treasure hunt "The Siao Lanun Hunt" yesterday..and it was extremely fun. Adhoc iniatiative made by a few exhibitors. And the work that everyone focusing in make it happen was such a wonderful effort. To lanun gang that make it happen; Mike Tan the president, Tuck Loong; you are rock, Suweii, Sweii, Lorna, Behance group, Hydra Skin group, Aaron from Individium, Gypsy Gorgeous Gee, and the participants:) Muaaaahhh to all of you.

Lanun Gang...
Super Everything Show...and I am ZZZZzzzzZZZ:)

I Believe I Can Fly:)

So many things to tell and share but I am on the move with many assignment need my tender loving care. I cant believe KLDW was over...and had a wonderful time there. Such an eye opener for a small people like me. I got to know and realise about lots of thing.

Making such connection to outside world what matters to me now. Will share more photos and story soon. Stay tune, take care and be good. ///love//syam

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Siao Lanun Hunt

This is the public transport can get to Publika:

·         B115  stop at  Lembaga Peperiksaan Negara, Jalan Dutamas 1   
·         U618 stop at (Opp) Masjid Wilayah, Jalan Khidmat Usaha (slight walking distance fr Publika)
·         U83 stop at Masjid Wilayah, Jalan Ibadah (slight walking distance fr Publika)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KLDW>>Day 07

2 students attended morning slot; Cliff & Eleena..another 2 great students:) Gonna post some photo soon..

I had the whole free afternoon to welcome visitors to our space. Many familiar faces dropby and also a total unexpected stranger that came to give full support..and it touch my heart by a sincere appreciation Lina & me received:) I can't thank enough...

The other great part was discussing & planning with all exhibitors for upcoming treasure hunt will be held this Saturday conjunction with KLDW. I am so excited for the initiative shown by all exhibitor and for who ever have intention of coming this Saturday, I extremely encourage you all to participate in the game. 

I had an official offer letter from Dasein first class at Dasein going to be on 12/October/8.30am-11.30am/applied design/semester 02. That was 3 days after Terengganu trip on 7, 8 & 9 for Sultan Mizan Cup CSR training...and a gila week after KL design week chasing for design collaterals and  few of design/branding proposals. Total pheeeewwww:) I can see my work pattern gonna be different next year... The honeymoon is over, I might not doing so much workshop & bazaar anymore..but I can see many potential collaboration project and exciting opportunity are coming along.

Time to break of from red ocean to blue ocean. Nicest journey but I am sure there are many exciting things waiting..Alhamdullillah:)//syam

KLDW>>Day 06

New teddy Bunny >> Silkscreen version RM60

I had bookbinding morning slot with CY and we had so much fun. I get to know him through bazaar, and I am hoping he could extend his range of products through skill he had learnt. For someone that deal with craft material he pick up the skill with speed and his creation are super good too:)

Cheeky CY
New Lalala Bag 

S: RM35 ( dimension: 12" x 15")
M: RM55 (15" x 17.5")
L : RM80 (17" x 21")

Lalala Bag

Lalala Bag Specs
Hand silkscreen, same design could differ from one another interm of colours.
Material: Cotton canvas and inlay/double sewing inside (random fabric)
The blue line will disappear once washed.

KLDW>Day 05

Got no student today, and time to check what others doing...

Monday, September 19, 2011

KLDW Day 04

I had a relaxing day today at KLDW. The place kind of like a second home to me. Visitor dropby from time to time and I had a pleasant time with Sim for my book binding workshop for morning and afternoon slot.  Time seem flies really fast today:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

KLDW 2011>>>Day 03

Argggh, left my memory card home and no photo for day 03. But I had a good day and busy with book binding for both slot morning and afternoon. I had a good session with Junn & Alice.

Few students from Dasein came: Hoong Sam, Justin, Andy and another 2 (pheeeewww bad in remembering peoples name), Christina, Sim & Jess, Darling Hui Ling & Sweetie Eu Geen (thanksssss), and many more wonderful new people... Looking forwards for many many days to come//syam

Saturday, September 17, 2011

KLDW>>Day 2

Another great time today:) Meet up with 2 new students Yuzz & Liza... They have scrapbooking experiences and that help them in dealing with material. It was my pleasure to get to know all this talented person with full of passion. And I am looking forwards for another workshop trow.

 I couldn't thank enough for unexpected visit from a few friends that turned up..visiting me and Lina at our place; Arson & Min Min from Dasein, Eunice, Mimmy & Song Pe, Kat, Lina's MomDad & Kak Long, Ajim some visitors from last year KLDW..a few strangers and many more new friends and a number of people interested to join the workshop. I am fully occupied and happy....// xoxo Syam

Friday, September 16, 2011

KLDW >> day 01

Yeaaayyyy things has been put up in place, and I think this space make Lina and me a very proud person. Within overnight we had turn the place as what we call a Living Passion... This is the result of making things extensively, try to squeeze myself within time constraint in between sending kids to school, cooking, graphic job, workshop...I wanna cry for joy.

Big clap for Aklif to help us during the set up

Gonna had my first slot of book binding tomorrow...Will update more soon...Still can't believe the place has become like a real shop to us... The best produced work and display compare to any exhibition or bazaar we used to participate before...Caiyooooook:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KLDW 2011 update

hello there,

My internet connection was down for last 2 days, and finally it back to normal yesterday evening.. I got no patience dealing with this service provider and let Mr Hubby to deal with it.

I've been extremely busy with preparation for KLDW. Set up time today, and I am overly excited even though many many things still yet need to settle. I've got few responses for book binding workshop too... which was really super great.

Having my last session of card making session today at E&O. It was such a nice relaxing session. Simple workshop with different target audience. I am honored to be invited experimenting card making session with E&O staff. It wont complete without saying thank you to Karen & Jaszmyn for giving me such trust to conduct the workshop there.

I am basically going to be based in Publika Solaris Dutamas from 15-25th September. Drop by to check on local designer producing art as their Living Passion. Say hi to me at Lot 51, G2.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Card Making Session 2 @ E&O

Demo time and Student with their cretions

KLDW 2011>>> LIVING PASSION by LittleSyam & R.A.W

Exhibition Synopsis
LIVING PASSION is a showcase of work by 2 graphic designers reigning under the brand names LittleSyam & R.A.W. As designers we yearn to create or tweak to produce ‘the new’. Our creations are the outcome of our love and passion for the world of craft and handmade, away from the computer. From silkscreen art, quirky handmade dolls, hand bound books to eccentric upholstered footstools, there is a story to tell behind every piece. Each enhancing and complementing that little ‘corner’ of our lives.

quote of the day

I think about how there are certain people who come into your life and leave a mark. The ones who are as much a part of you as your own soul. Their place in your heart is tender; a bruise of longing, a pulse of unfinished business. Just hearing their names pushes and pulls at you in a hundred ways, and when you try to define those hundred ways, describe them even to yourself, words are useless. If you had a lifetime to talk, there would still be things left unsaid - Sara Zarr

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quote of the Day

The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field - and keep on doing it. Wilfred A. Peterson

Living Passion

Card Making Session at E&O
Theme - Lollipop


Unfortunately I have decided to cancel this weekend workshop due to only 3 students has registered so far.
The number is too little to cover for 2 days workshop. But I have exciting news where I will bring my workshop to KLDW:)

KL DESIGN WEEK (KLDW) will be held at Publika Solaris Dutamas from 16th to 25th September.
I am having a session there which participant could choose to learn:

16th to 25th September
Slot A>>> 10.30am - 1.30pm (Kettle Stitch) - RM70
Slot B>>> 2.30pm - 5.30pm (Coptic Binding) - RM70
(price includes material & certificate). Only 1-4 participants for each slot.

The session going to be one to one very hands on learning or with a very minimal students one or four person. So let me know if you are interested by email me your detail to

Preferred name on certificate:
Website: (if any)

I just need confirmation 2 days before booking date for materials arrangement. Come on exact time slot and pay on the spot, no deposit required. 

Once again, I truly apologise for any inconvenience caused with regards of cancellation made at the very last minute and hope to see you there.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Last Call for Book Binding Workshop

What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you -  Oprah Winfrey

Last call for book binding workshop before the closing date. Due to not enough student I might have to cancel the workshop, do let me know before Thursday if you are still  interested to learn. I will take a long break from workshop and this going to be my last personal workshop for this year....

For the following Oct, Nov & Dec my focus going to be for a workshop collaboration with shop owner, gallery and corporate client only, which most of the date have been booked in advance...which I feel so thrill and will share with all of you soon:) I might plan and offer a different type of workshop for 2012, so stay tuned..take care all & thanks for your continued support //syam

Monday, September 05, 2011

Hello Monday

It's been such a tiring day... back to normal life after the long break that I could never had enough. How I wish to escape and could extend the break to be a bit longer... but reality check..yes it going to be a busy week with full of projects especially the set up for KL Design Week to be held 15-26 September at Publika Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara, Damansara.

I am producing a few more new products and also the same one with a different design, all to be showcase during the event. We have been given a retail space located at lot 51, G2, opposite the Old Town Cafe and close to Subways Restaurant along with other designer Oh&Ah and Gigi Gee. I am going to share the same lot with a good friend of mine Lina, well known for her footstool. It going to be a real retail shop of our own for 9 days..and I think there are a reason for me and Lina to see the possible real shop of our own in the future.

My friend call me Super Women but the fact is I am only human that will feel tired and exhausted too. But passion has never failed to keep me moving. I knew I couldn't change the world completely... and been struggling with problem of my own. Been trying to find my own niche... but yet with life that always revolve around me, I am glad to be able to adjust and switch into any kind of situation...

I am organising a workshop and producing art and craft a lot and have taking a break from my real job, as a graphic designer. I am slowly changing to something more practical than before. Teaching will always something that I enjoy it very much... and meet up with people; almost 300 students so far from my workshop was an experience I appreciated the most. I am excited every time I see a new group of talented peoples from different background all for the cause of passion in every workshop.

Gonna had my 2nd card making session on Wednesday follow by LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop by weekends, Saturday & Sunday. A few graphic job and art & craft in between...Phewwww

This is the right moment to take the whole thing to another level and I have decided to take a teaching job at Dasein Academy of Art...and I am so excited about this. 3 hours per week teaching Applied Design going to be an exciting new journey to me. Will start on October...wish me every luck:)

Sunday, September 04, 2011


I had a moderate great raya, and was so blessed to be able to celebrate raya with all siblings, mom and dad after the end of the fasting season of Ramadan.

Photo session with dad.
Cucu Atuk