Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Nature


I had a wonderful time spending my time buka puasa with emak&abah:) Angah & family came back too:) 2 meaningful days full of activities, and I managed to bind all my 11 books too:) yeayyy

Went back to kampung, It was Rambutan season..
Angah, Ayu & me on our way to Melaka
Cute little cat
These are only found during Ramadhan, Apam in Rambai leaf, it makes special aroma,
and the taste become slightly sour..Rare kuih
Angah & me are rushing up sewing curtain for Syawal.
 This sewing machine has a very classic gold pattern on it
Exploring new techique
Mom wanted to throw this, I am taking this with so much proud and keep it.
It didn't function anymore but this is our first TV age over  30 over years.
Water plant at Busu's house
Yeaaaayyyy I managed to complete 11 books:)
This is where my mom shop for groceries: Pasar Ekonomi Gemencheh
Angah & Arissa holding Buah Rambai
We stopped by at Tampin town, shop for fabric for Raya and fancy pant:)

Mega mendung di angkasa
Hembusan bayu dingin terasa
gerimis berderai di merata
bagai mutiara

Rahmat dibawa bersama
Limpahannya meresap dijiwa 

adakala bahgia terasa 
meskipun duka nestapa 

Tika hujan turun 
sayup mendayu lagu keroncong 
merdu irama dialun 

Hujan membasahi bumi 
melahirkan keluhuran budi 
mengeratkan perpaduan suci 
kasih sayang abadi

Friday, July 27, 2012


In the midst of making 11 books as contribution from LittleSyam to CUTOUT Magazine for their subscribers. I've been delaying this and it is about time to execute and clear this task from the pipeline...My submission going to be next Thursday...

All cover are individually silkscreened, limited edition. The journal or notebook going to be bind using kettle stitch technique...

My weekend definitely will fully occupied with this task. I am bringing it along with me to hometown this Saturday & Sunday. Really looking forward to spend time with emak and abah for buka puasa. Gonna miss Fuyoh Bazaar and Designer's Weekend, two important event at Publika. Family gathering seems too precious to skip and it is my top priority at this moment:)

Have a great weekends peeps // lots of ♡ //syam

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Challenging Week..

Still adapting to fasting month, starting with raining and now it beginning to be quite hot and warm. Felt like my productivity kind of slow... Arissa and Syamil adapting quite well, instead of just feel extremely thirsty, feeling hungry is not that bad. Blame it to the hot weather. I hope the second week going to be better. I had allergic last yesterday and the day before and it make it even worst:( Getting injection from doc and now I am recover.


Concentrate on my teaching and finish up some graphic and quotation... I am such a lazy ..seems everything moving so fast around me but I am stands still just to watch time goes by.

I am putting my craft aside... But there are many things in pipeline need to be executed. Will share more once I've done with it. Take care peeps//syam

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning

You probably did noticed I had published all pictures taken from instagram lately... I am still obsess of how fast I could capture almost anything, everything and can be uploaded right away. But another obvious reason my card reader has gone kaput.

I am so blessed and embrace Ramadhan as much...2 days that full of meaning, practising ibadah with moderation in all aspects. Alhamdullillah Arissa & Syamil are coping well too:)

I had a wonderful weekend try to settle thing from my long list to do.  I am slowly cleaning up and rearrange the pot and plant. Take my time squeezing in my pre loved small metal table I bought from OutDated. Now I have corner for my laptop...

Have rearranged my craft room too. But arrrggggh where can I put all the rubbish. Can't do much and it looks exactly like it was before... I have to learn to get rid things I do not use...loadsss of paper and my craft material is in mess....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Sometimes when we are too busy, we tend to sweep all the dust under the carpet. What we need is a time break to clean all the mess because it just hidden and stays there unless we do something about it...

Have a productive week..heeep hepp hooray:) love//syam

Wedding Guest Book

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Adventure Book

2 'Our Adventure Book' has been delivered to France & Utah, US, today. Both requested came from Etsy.

book mark 

back cover

I felt like a Santa Clause, with wrapping and sending it over. The feeling was so great:) I hope both Guillaume & Claire will love it:)