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Cutie Bunny & Fatty Kitty

Introduce the new family member of Little Syam Hanging Mobile:  Cutie Bunny & Fatty Kitty. and happy to announce all the creature will be available in smaller version. So far only owl, elephant,  Cat, Sugar Glider and Hen are available in smaller version, hope to be able to bring it to you at  Art For Grabs X’mas at  Annexe Gallery, Central Market  on  11 – 12 December 2010 from  10am - 6pm Big Hanging Mobile: RM8.80 & Small Hanging Mobile: RM5.80 (postage fee not included)

What a week:)

Just finished my American Bazaar and the respond was really great..and Bijou Bazaar just taken place last Saturday and Sunday. Doing Bazaar can be very hectic when the duration is quite close from one to another bazaar. But the rewards was so worthwhile with networking, respond and do not forget the fun part of it:)  The challenging part is my art and craft is done from scratch..Mean it is time consuming to produce. With participation in many Bazaar I definitely need to constantly produce a stocks ..but unfortunately with teaching, designing in between I just need to follow the flow... Another month to go before a new year...and I am so bless that I have project inline till January... from one to another... I can't wait for my tiny studio renovation which I hope can be completed before end of 2010. I desperately need bigger and more comfortable creative space. But at this juncture I need to be patience... Words and visual that really move me. Painting 7"x7" RM80 

American Bazaar

Cover for new handbound book:)

Limited edition of latest handbound book cover from LittleSyam. pink and purple design SOLD RM65 pink and purple design  SOLD RM65

Final Look of Leather Bound

Hello all, just to share the final look of the leather handbound book with all of you. On top of that client is happy and I am also happy:)

Bijou Bazaar

Book Binding at Raffles

It was something fulfilling to be able to share a knowledge with this kids. Some catch faster and some still confuse. I do hope the skill would be able to help them somehow in their study:)

Hand bound leather book in the making:)

Latest the making of doing the handbound leather book for TV commercial. The book is quite huge with 24" height and the other about 12" height and the thickness around 2 first attempt to do something with leather. Hope it will turn out well... will share more picture soon..

Burung:) Beautiful thing

Bijou Bazaar

Hello All:)

It's been such a busy week for me...It was like a marathon...a roller coaster that have not allowed me to even taking a breath.. Adrenaline rush..but a very fulfill one:) Helping out friend & client to design and install an exhibition booth at Matrade from Monday to Thursday... I am taking a break to teach a book binding workshop at Raffles Institute of Design (another thing that I am soooo looking forward to) Safinaz will help me out on the exhibition. Thanks such a darling... In between there are two important meeting to attend... squeeze..squeeze..squeeze BIJOU BAZAAR  &  AMERICAN ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CHARITY BAZAAR   will be taking place next week after Raya Haji.  As usual me, Gigi, Lina & Safinaz and Kak Long will participate...Many new products mostly one of a kind, hand made, truly labour of love..  So if you have time, please dropby and say hi:) (and do not forget to bring loads of RM) I promise..all the products are hard to

What am I doing lately?

Arissa & Atie What am I doing lately??? Just finished Japanese Charity Bazaar yesterday and the same day Atie went back to Indonesia for good. Sop..sop..sop. I don't capture any photo from the Bazaar:( The crowd is so overwhelming and meet up with many..many nice people...potential for collabration and workshop. hope she'll love it:) Got an email from one buyer from JB, interested to adopt my Dolltopia Duckie. Angie would like to give this soft toy to her daughter  Zia (what a sweet name). Did the postage today, hope it will reach her safely. November Gonna be a busy month for me. Got invited to have my book binding workshop at Raffles Design Institute on 11th & 12th. So gonna be busy preparing materials. A number for 40 students will attend the workshop. I am so looking forward to share the knowledge:) Another job that need attention this month is an Exhibition at Matrade which is Intrade 2010 o n th