Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KLDW 2011 update

hello there,

My internet connection was down for last 2 days, and finally it back to normal yesterday evening.. I got no patience dealing with this service provider and let Mr Hubby to deal with it.

I've been extremely busy with preparation for KLDW. Set up time today, and I am overly excited even though many many things still yet need to settle. I've got few responses for book binding workshop too... which was really super great.

Having my last session of card making session today at E&O. It was such a nice relaxing session. Simple workshop with different target audience. I am honored to be invited experimenting card making session with E&O staff. It wont complete without saying thank you to Karen & Jaszmyn for giving me such trust to conduct the workshop there.

I am basically going to be based in Publika Solaris Dutamas from 15-25th September. Drop by to check on local designer producing art as their Living Passion. Say hi to me at Lot 51, G2.

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