Monday, September 19, 2011

KLDW Day 04

I had a relaxing day today at KLDW. The place kind of like a second home to me. Visitor dropby from time to time and I had a pleasant time with Sim for my book binding workshop for morning and afternoon slot.  Time seem flies really fast today:)


Blossom inch said...

ala bestnyer...rindu nak masuk kelas lagi!!!!

Ming said...

hi Syam! we met at your KLDW 'store' today, i was there with my baby Mila and my mum. loved your things :) can i ask if you do the book binding workshop all the time or is it something only for KLDW? if it's all the time, where do you hold the classes? am thinking of buying a session as a gift for someone, but then they will need to confirm workshop dates with you. was wondering if you would do something like that. thanks!

Little Syam said...

Yuzz, it was fun to have you too:)

Ming: I usually having my workshop every month, but I thought of taking a break for awhile, since I am tight up with graphic job & a few projects...gonna settle down by end of year. I hope I can squeeze myself but I will see how it goes after October:)
p/s Thanks for appreciate my things:) I am so touch by many people I met during KLDW including you..