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Quirky Dollies

Another free publicity in weekender section STAR newspaper - Saturday, 2 June 2007.


Spring Waltz

"If you truly love him….if you genuinely miss him, someday you can meet and love him again…. Just like us playing a hide and seek during our childhood days,…. no matter how deep he hides himself from the world, and disappear from my sight, he who hides shall be somewhere out there…..always be waiting for me, the tagger. Regardless of how often failing to catch or missing each other’s ways, at the end of the day, your most earnest desire and pray shall lead you to him……only to meet and love again."

dolltopia monyet ~ RM39.90/USD12~SOLD

dolltopia keychain ~ RM15/USD4.90

Princess Arissa

Kissing Fish

Another booth at BSC. See You There!

BSC have invited me and Shafinas to setup a booth at BSC 24&25 March. It was an oppurtunity that I shouldn't miss. Share the rental with Shafinas is not too bad at all. We call the callobration the OLE-OLE. Still have alot more to do: 1) Doll 2) The accesoceries case 3) T'shirt 4) Handmade book 5) Key chain 6) Pin/brooch