Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fuyoh Art Bazaar (FAB) Publika & ETC

I am going to be involved in Fuyoh Art Bazaar (FAB) this Sunday.
So many thing to rush at the same time plus travel to Terengganu on Friday to Saturday.
Please come and support our local art & craft scene. do say hi if you happened to pass by my spot.
Simple food like this can be fulfilling.
Another simple food..yummm.
Hubby call her degil (stubborn), she seems like a permanent resident to our home.
I am too old to remember 1001 never ending jobs.
Different version of Our Adventure book available at Fuyoh Art Bazaar this Sunday.
I managed to complete it: DONE TICK.
Producing new one. I have ZERO stock:) 
Working on patchwork, blue theme; custom order of planner for 2013
Another wedding card, sent for printing today:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Adventure Book

Another book on the way to US. I felt really great & happy every time I've produced this book. This Our Adventure Book was purchased from my ETSY by Canaan as engagement present.

May it filled with loads of love story & interesting life journey// ♥//syam

Okinawa Spinach

Hubby bought this strange vege from Tesco when they are out of supplies. He brought this home and I have no clue what this vege are and how to cook.

I stir fried and it taste bit bitter, with strong leafy taste. I always thought this is Chinese vege, but apparently after make some research I found out the real name are Okinawa Spinach. It has beautiful purple shade on back of leaf and be able to lower the cholesterol level. The leaves of both can be eaten raw or cooked. It also can be added into salad.

I tried to plant the stalk and eventually it grow happily. 
Just imagine I can just pluck and added on into my menu at anytime.

Today I had plucked some leaf and added on in my mixed vege. 
It kind of blend well and it tasted better than just cook it by itself.
I am a happy gardener:)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Went to Shasha's house yesterday. Sending Gegurl (Amoi) she had ordered and frangipani I've planted for her. Brought my kids along and Syamil are such an amazing navigator, my living GPS that I can always rely on.

Located at Sg Long she stays at housing area called Windsor, red brick house design. Her blog was name after the housing area. And that was how I met her through blog and she also attending my book binding workshop.

Lunch was served with platter of foods and desserts. And she tapau me her muffin, banana cake & yummy chicken too. Syamil, Arissa and me had a great Sunday. We went back late noon with full loaded of foods. Thanks Shasha for being such wonderful host:)

Makan, makan & makan

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wedding Card

I was so relief looking at some small jobs completed like the wedding card here. October looks like a month of Wedding. I have another 2 request for a wedding card. With time I had that are really tight,and I might not like some of the result but I am more than happier looking at the long list with TICK; DONE.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken Grilled with Lemon & Basil

These are really good. When I am rushing, this is the best meal ever. I just dump all in and grill. It much healthier than frying.

I just add on salt, soy sauce, lemon & basil leave .. grill and taaaadaaaa:) yummm. The taste and aroma blend so well. Just have it with bread..enough for dinner.. try it //syam

p/s and my post kind of sound rushing too.. yes I am too busy:( hoping for a nice break & vacation.

Do you believe in Angel?

Do you believe in Angel, or do you believe in Karma, what goes around comes around?
I had pretty bad day today.... was running around like a mad women, fetching and sending kids, amendment from client, and get my embroidery done, but all screwed up and I had to redo again. The leather kind of break and I feel like crying after 3 hours waiting.

These are what happened when certain thing in your creation are relying on people. I have to buy the leather again, and spending time waiting..time I hardly had just to wait... there goes my tomorrow...mmmrmmm kind of losing patient. And I am not well, feel like to have flue and cough, but it seem doesn't came out.

Paying for expensive parking I realise that I do not have small change... arggh, asking the kiosk if I could change money, they just said..I do not have enough...looking around to find shop..I really feel like today is not my day. Out of sudden one Niger guy gave me RM10, and I just stunt, I said wait, I'll give him the money back, he just said, it is ok, and just walk away.. I pay the parking ticket.. and try to look for him, he just disappeared... mmmmm this make me feel like wanna cry even louder...

Workshop @ Fabric Fanatics


Hello there,
Here I would like to inform you on my next LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 
will be held at Fabric Fanatics:

10 Nov// Sat
SLOT A (10am ~ 1.30pm) - Kettle stitch
SLOT B (2pm ~ 5.30pm) - Coptic stitch
11 Nov // Sun
SLOT A (10am ~ 1.30pm) - French stitch
SLOT B (2pm ~ 5.30pm) - Long stitch

Fabric Fanatic
Level 1, F1.31, Summit USJ Shopping Mall
Next to Toy City, near to the escalator going to cinema


Interested to join?
RM90 perslot which include material kits, light refreshment & certificate.
Tool will be available for loan.
Each slot are limited to Max 12 students only for each slot.

Book your seat NOW by email your detail to or

Name on certificate:
Website: (if any)

(Slot consider booked only upon payment of unrefundable RM50 deposit to:
Maybank account
Samsiah Binti Jendol
Act no: 164052355030)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy week:)

Going to be busy with small little things which need full attention. So many plans and so many things in my head. We are confirmed (we mean me, gigi, lina & oh&ah) taking a space for 3 months start 10 Dec at Art Row, Publika...It going to be a Pop up/temporary shop. Mean I am going to work non stop build up a stock for 3 months.

Long list need to be cleared, so I could focus in producing new products, but I live from day to day basis..some simple job are hard to say NO, because I believe certain thing are meant to be.. Must be a reason for it to be happened ya.

Here are guest book I created recently:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Instagram

Bought a big plate, blue porcelain from Pasar Karat, Johor Bahru for RM35

Certain day when I just reheat the food for brunch, the big plate seem very useful

I normally skip my lunch due to long teaching day.
Instant food at any nearby place seem convenient enough.

I love succulent plant, but it always die eventually, so
I bought 2 fake plants from Material shop, good for prop of my product photo shoot:)

The basil seedling

Thank You Allah:)

Dear God, I thank you for these feet, these eyes, these hands; 
I pray that wherever I go I will be able to see you in the world around me, 
and to always see honestly; 
I pray that whatever I touch will remind me your eternal presence in all things....

I felt so tiny when looking at magnificent beauty that reflect its Creator, Masya Allah:)