Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Workshop @ The One Academy

Writing this like trying to memorise what happening few months back. I have no space to think, I just do whatever that come, like a smooth journey. This workshop has been planned since few months ago. I have full attendance and it was really great looking at all student that hunger to learn this new skill.

We went quite early in the morning, was just afraid I might get lost, Sunway was just a corner of world that I am not intent of going unless necessary. Hahaha:)

I remember the name of the girl with the red hair, the last to arrive, Adele with very fluent Bahasa:) I am sorry if I can't remember each of your name, unless there are something that I couldn't forget. I remember face, simply because I am the visual person. Blame to the age factor:P

Thanks to The One Academy that has invited me to come. Some have to leave early because of the class..
so YES there are doing not bad at all:)

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