Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Get to know Dian, when she came to my workshop at KDU, and she came again to learn different binding technique at Fabric fanatics. Last month she contacted me if I could make a 40 books/journal for the programme she works on. And I say YES simply because I like her personally.

How funny you being connected with people by just follow your instinct and vibe. Instead of busy with stuff I am currently working on, I think this project could be something fun to work with. 

What is #TSBreakAway

Tourism Selangor is embarking on a new and exciting program and they invite anyone who would like to participate to be a part of their little history in the making. #TSBreakAway is gathering like-minded people, exploring, learning and exchanging ideas on a journey of new discoveries around Selangor. Be it bloggers, professionals and rookies, avid photographers and hobbyists, who have existing blogs or just starting out, this is an exciting event where anyone will meet and mingle with experts in their field of interests.
It’ll be a fun mentoring programme, conducted within a small group who share the same interests, in the hope of shaping a skilled and successful blogging community for 5 days from 26-30 October 2013 and will be in the running to win RM10,000!
My book going to be given away to all this participants:) I am hiring Shasha for this month, it was like having an employee and I will call her whenever I need her. She have been helping me out this month, following every single up and down. Can't never thank her enough:)

Me ad Syamil came to her house the day before my birthday and we bind till late midnight and Mr Hubby ask me to stay overnight there considering my safety, and these are what I found when I woke up on my birthday morning:)

Kek Orange penuh kasih sayang fresh from oven baked by Shasha:) Thank you love:)
Keep binding

Almost there
Hand silkscreen label
All books have an intro page that filled with quotation on travel:)
Binding detail - coptic stitch
Binding detail - kettle stitch
Binding detail - long stitch

Finish look:)

My husband brought me, Arissa & Syamil to Al Rawsha, for birthday dinner treat..
unfortunately my iPhone are kaput.
This is the only picture I've managed to capture:) Happy Birthday me…21 October.
I thank Allah for be able to stand on my own two feet, to be able to see all the beauty and life
could offer and doing what I passionate about. ALHAMDULILLAH:)

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