Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lalalalala..what a day:)

Being so blessed to be featured in Home& Deco magazine October issue:)
New project
Making a pasport holder for my New Zealand trip:) 
Having my breakfast before Fuyoh Bazaar
She following me to Fuyoh Art Bazaar
Squeezing my self to join Fuyoh Art Bazaar. It was been so long since I join Fuyoh. Was sharing with Shasha and Emi and it could be a good exposure for Shasha too. Looking at the weather lately I am not sure if outdoor bazaar is a good idea. What an experience, especially for Shasha..but I had fun as usual.

Bff; Nana & Eita dropped by on Saturday day and Emi joining in, sharing the space on the first day. Arissa had so much fun running around, so it was not too bad:)

Budak perasan cantik; Arissa
My neighbour are rawwwkkkksss:) 
So bless to have someone came all the way to support. Thank you Yvonne Chan:)
Yin Sze Lim:) She's the funniest student I ever had:) Good to see her:)
Ohhhh bad weather please gooooo away:)
At the end of the day Worry Less, Dance more, Love often , Be happy

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Lady Windsor said...

Ya ya expensive experienced and not all will experience it I guess! Thanks Syam xoxo!