Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What a day:(

I hate this day, I do not remember the last time when I've applied for the new passport it was this hard. I am wasting one whole day waiting for my turn, waiting to pay the cost, and waiting for the passport.

This is the bad side of me…I can became such a grumpy old women just by have to wait and queue. But for the sake of going back to New Zealand, I just need to be patient.

In between waiting for my number at Imegresen me and Shasha was rushing to JPJ to apply for an International Driving Permit. I will spend my time in New Zealand driving from one town to another. 

Going to transit at Melbourne for 4 days before flying down to Auckland and drive down to Wellington. And all the accommodation in Melbourne has been arranged. Amanda my bffs working for TUNE HOTEL, so that's where me and Shasha will be located for 4 days. I wanted to visit a galleries, the market, Kilda beach, and join the walk for art tour, and someone mentioned the coffee are super great over there too:)

I had so much to do in my head:) Alison are so kind enough to offer me a stay on my first day in Auckland. She will fetch me from airport and I will stay one night at her home before drive down to Rotorua the next day and then > Taupo > Napier > Palmerston North > Welly. I can't wait to see her and Kiki the cat:)

Will stay in Wellington for few days at Dija's, hoping that I could manage to catch Steve Cicala, my lecturer back then:)

This is the moment that I will embrace, look back, plan, searching for inspiration, away from work, eventhough I know that my brain will never stop working. We will stay at various hotel & back packers. I also want to lay down on the grass looking at blue sky, doing my travel art journal, and the climax is to visit a place that alwaysssssss in my dream.

It's been 18 years and it make me cry to joy that it almost a reality that I can really make it this year to visit place I used to study 18 years ago, Wanganui here we come!

Can't wait:)

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Lady Windsor said...

Ouch very bad experienced dealing with them..rushed here and there but I should thanks their officer because gave me a priority...and still can't believe we will be in NZ soon...yay!