Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book, book & books

I am rushing things, and all need to be completed by November 26, date where I am going to fly to Melbourne & New Zealand. Been so looking forward for this trip and Shasha are going to be dragged along. It's been 18 years, December 1994, and I am not going to wait any longer.

Ticket has been bought, and I am planning to fly to Melbourne for the first 5 days before fly to Auckland, stay a night, rent a car and slowly drive down to Wellington. Wanna visit few cities and enjoy what I will see, embracing every single moment:) And I just can't wait.

I better start designing my travel journal now:)

Making 70 mini books within 3 days, to be given to invited guest for the event Art of Time in Pavillion. Shasha & Eita was helping me and I am so blessed because binding non stop just make me crazy.

It was like goreng pisang panas when the guest was so eagerly take the book, and it was all gone within 1 hour time. One project tick DONE and what a relief. Yeaaaay Alhamdulillah:)

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Mescrap said...

Happy travel, my dear friend :)