Friday, October 11, 2013

Adrenaline Rush

I've been too busy lately. Moving from one job to another without any space to sit down and dreaming. In between the running around I try to enjoy life as much. Capturing what I saw, small little things that spark the inspiration, flower that make me happy, blue sky that make me smile, being grateful for every single thing.

Albert Camus 

Get to know Delia & Azhan from Art Row, did the hanging mobile for them before,
now getting an order for a pouch for their twin's birthday party.

Golda Meir 

Rushing to Bangsar Village to replenish some stock at Back By Twelve Boutique, 3rd Floor BV II,
Had lunch appointment with LAPAN Gang, discussing about the possibilities of having our corner at Penang.
Seems like a good sign for next year.

And meeting up with Ling, student that resides in German,
shows her how to bind using Kettle Stitch technique..
It was like one stone kill 3 birds... 

Rushing down to Port Dickson attending Kak Miah son's wedding.
It was like a reunion of PETRONAS staff.
Nana follow us to PD, it was like strolling a memory lane to her.
We went to the beach on the next day. Hoping to stay longer next time around.
I love beach, it make me realise how small I am, and how great is Allah.
The sounds of wave and the smell of the air, just take my breath away:) 

Back to KL with many job to work on.
Preparing for workshop, 70 mini books for event on Thursday,
and another workshop at TOA on Saturday.

Squeeze my time to attend bread  making class at BIG Independent Groceries.
I am so proud of my self to be able to bake a bread using my own hand. I love all the recipes especially focaccia.  
Time is so limited to be bothered of unnecessary thing, always and always look at the bright sight, because life is not bad at all:)

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