Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wedding Guest Book & etc

I normally do not take last minute request but this one, kind of interesting to execute. Her theme blue colour was based on Hydrangeas flower ... On top of guest book she wanted me to design love note & advice and few signage for table and Dessert Island.

I am using two tone, lighter blue for cover & a bit darker for back cover.
This is not accordingly to my visual to her, but this version definitely better.

I went to 5 fabric shops and couldn't find any fabric that could match my visual. 

I found blue that almost close to grey, and blue in darker shade.

The cover supposedly to be different type of blue. 

I found the lighter blue shade fabric from last shop I went, 
and the colour was so nice and exciting. 
I've purchased it anyway just incase.

My silkscreen didn't turn out nice at all:(

 I almost give up after my 4th attempt when the colour smeared.
and the font Shelly doesn't seems perfect enough.

I try to use the lighter shade fabric and change the ink to darker shade. 
Taaaadaaa It turn out perfect:)

But my problem is; I am not sure if client will like it, this is different from the visual...
oooh dear..I will wait for her response and let you all know:)

I love working with her where she trust my judgement and creation so I hope she will trust my judgement too this time. It was always not easy doing the custom order.

There are some, demanding for many things, on top of the small fee received.
I simplify my life by not taking any request & order.

Sometimes without patience I could just  easily give up being a crafter. But when I found client like this, I do feel motivated and this kind of situation push me to keep moving:)


Patricia said...

Looks amazing! Great job Syam!

Maria Menado~ said...

congratz.. it's really nice. honestly.

Little Syam said...

Thanks Pat & Maria:)