Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Being Me:)

What good is that by doing what I am currently doing? Simply because I could take a break at anytime. And today I decided to do just nothing. 

Purple spinach seem grow happily, probably because of the raining season, lately
I have been loaded with rendang chicken & beef throughout raya. And I crave for fish..Curry fish. So I've cooked Curry fish with brinjal and tomato. And additional stir fry cabbage with mushroom. That's enough for lunch & dinner.

Yummmm, yummmm
I have 2 custom orders received for farewell book to the boss & wedding guest book, signage and love notes card for a wedding. Interesting & simple task. I am going for fabric shopping tomorrow to match their theme colour. Will share the outcome once done:) But for now, I just want to do nothing:)

Syamil are begging to be sent to Indian barber to get his hair cut done. I am enjoying myself to see the duplication look of the exterior and interior in every Indian barber shop. The hair dresser must be wondering where this mad women came from that keep capturing pictures non stop.

Love this photo, Indian Barber with Chinese Sticker on the glass.
How more unique can you get?
Ear Cleaning Servis, RM15.00 only:)
Guaranteed make you double happy
Fancy chair, Ikea colour..whoot whoot
Gillette... I call it pisau blade....
Just name it, they can do any style that you desire:)
The sound of tamil song & the scented smell from the shop are the witness of the uniqueness of various culture.. I am happy to be Malaysian to see and experience all this:) I am sure you have colourful experience for just a simple thing can be found in daily life too:) Let's share! //syam

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Lady Windsor said...

what a funny, ada servis telinga ek??