Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Instagram

Hello folks.. I had such a blessed weekends at LittleSyam Book Binding workshop. 
Get to know many awesome wonderful people from various background:)
From doctor, artist, chef, student, designer etc

I have many photos to share, but been busy with many things lately, 
and I do not have time to do the photo editing yet, 
and YES thanks to instagram that make my life much easier.

I had a few exciting meeting, decision and projects..
not so very big but enough to keep me busy.
 One urgent Wedding Guest book need my attention,
Casey Special project (going to write the story about this once done),
I met with potential client today, potential prospect and will see how it goes...
and another exciting project waiting to be materialised soon 

Syamil last Puasa Enam...
and ibu not cooking much this day..

so we eating out at Nandos
Book Binding Workshop at Beading.my
Silkscreen: Casey Special Project
Tea from Gigi
Book Binding Workshop at Beading.my
Book gift from Eu Geen, still havent finish..
every single page seem touch my heart
Pi Chuey's red shoe
Ayam Penyet, 

Book made of students from Long Stitch Slot

Phewwww so stay tune:) have a wonderful week//luv/syam

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Lady Windsor said...

ruginya i tak attend..tapi nak buat macam mana...kena kerja..:(

psttt and am still thinking and thinking...