Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you believe in Angel?

Do you believe in Angel, or do you believe in Karma, what goes around comes around?
I had pretty bad day today.... was running around like a mad women, fetching and sending kids, amendment from client, and get my embroidery done, but all screwed up and I had to redo again. The leather kind of break and I feel like crying after 3 hours waiting.

These are what happened when certain thing in your creation are relying on people. I have to buy the leather again, and spending time waiting..time I hardly had just to wait... there goes my tomorrow...mmmrmmm kind of losing patient. And I am not well, feel like to have flue and cough, but it seem doesn't came out.

Paying for expensive parking I realise that I do not have small change... arggh, asking the kiosk if I could change money, they just said..I do not have enough...looking around to find shop..I really feel like today is not my day. Out of sudden one Niger guy gave me RM10, and I just stunt, I said wait, I'll give him the money back, he just said, it is ok, and just walk away.. I pay the parking ticket.. and try to look for him, he just disappeared... mmmmm this make me feel like wanna cry even louder...

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