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Fettucini Albakso:)

Home grown, nothing can beat your own basil:)
Xpress menu, I cant found meatball in Tesco, but found Bakso Sapi,
Common Indonesian recipe and eat with noodle & soup..
ermmm why not give it a try:)
Experimenting with recipe of Fettucini  Albakso:)

Other ingredient are all fresh, except for meatball and the puree,
definitely you need to add on olive oil, garlic, onion, oregano, salt, pepper and bit of sugar.

I use fettucini type of pasta
Two layer of meat:) Yummmmy, definitely will cook this type of pasta again.


Maria Menado~ said…
wah... delicious.. nyum.
Lady Windsor said…
ouchh..tempting and pleasuring...fettucine albakso...kehkehkeh..such a stylo menu! I wanna try it this weekend...:)
Little Syam said…
Maria, memang sedap recipe campak2 jer...

Shasha: trylah sedap bangat daging nya:)

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