Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy week:)

Going to be busy with small little things which need full attention. So many plans and so many things in my head. We are confirmed (we mean me, gigi, lina & oh&ah) taking a space for 3 months start 10 Dec at Art Row, Publika...It going to be a Pop up/temporary shop. Mean I am going to work non stop build up a stock for 3 months.

Long list need to be cleared, so I could focus in producing new products, but I live from day to day basis..some simple job are hard to say NO, because I believe certain thing are meant to be.. Must be a reason for it to be happened ya.

Here are guest book I created recently:)

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Lady Windsor said...

Go Syam! I wish you luck in all your way. May Allah grant you a good health and highly spirit and cheerful..amin!