Saturday, September 15, 2012

Casey Special Project

Sometimes someone knocked your door, wanted you to lend a hands for some special project. I just can't say NO, looking at more than hundred love messages to girl 3 years old that I hardly know. She had leukemia..and this group of people united compiling a messages to give it to her to motivate and the most important thing to make her happy. I was so happy to be able to contribute for this project:)

before & after

drawing of love messages
I love the story behind every book I bind, it does make me happy when the book I bind can make some one happy too. For this particular book I can see and feel love in every pages.

both books to be put in custom bag,
with one side featuring owl and another side featuring birdie
Book 1  - Birdie
Book  2 - Owl
I feel so relief when client like & happy with the outcome:) yeayyy
Be happy Casey..Gambateh.. Caiyook:)


Unknown said...

Many thanks to u Syam, u had done a fabulous job helping us to "complete" the book. Terima Kasih!!! :)

E-Dung said...

Thank you very much.....

Unknown said...

Hi Syam,

Thank you very much for your kindness lending your hands to us on Casey's Project. We are so lucky that we found you. The binding is really really WONDERFUL. Millions thanks to you.

Mok Poy Yee

Little Syam said...

Thanks to you all, I am glad to have venue to help..I am lucky instead, this project found have such an opportunity, being part and making little Casey happy. It giving such deeper meaning, beyond word... I deeply touch with all of your initiative.