Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello there:)


New book cover in the making... available soon for upcoming American Bazaar

Applied Design class.
Top: Student jotting down keyword for Art Movement
Bottom: Ahh Dou work...:)
Another great session I had today, and the class progress pretty well. I am excited for more session to come.


Blossom inch said...

Kak Syam

American Bazaar kat mana?

Cantek cover..

Mescrap said...

Beautiful covers !!!
Kindly keep me inform on your silk screen class ....:)

Little Syam said...

Hi Yuzz,

American Bazaar at Hotel Royel Chulan, Jalan Conlay, 10am-2pm 9th November.

Thanks..Have those cover before, I just improvise:)

Little Syam said...

Hi Lay Hoon,

My silkscreen workshop are very a stencil..for kids, using sticker or transparent.

For pro one, a bit difficult to do it because need a proper dark room and water pump. Let me ask the school, where I am teaching now, if they can offer a workshop..because too many peoples asking me already....

I get my friend that do tshirt to do my mould.. I try not to deal with the chemical that might not very suitable for home. I just apply colour...only:)

Will let you know once I talk to the school ya..