Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terengganu Trip Day 2&3 >>>7-8 Oct 2011

What an honour to be invited by Asia Promote, an establish event company to facilite 30 participants conjunctions with Sultan Mizan Cup 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. I had a wonderful time getting to know this 30 participants, passing & sharing a skill which kind of challenging at the beginning because of the language barrier and I have no clue of what their background like but they've adapted the skill smoothly. An hour later everyone feel comfortable and clique very well too. I hope they had a great time as mine.
silkscreen class, student to prepare the background
the final outcome of silkscreen

BBQ dinner..a very prestige event organised by Asia Promote.
I am so facinated with the lighting and overall deco..very very nice set up. 
Me & Ita at BBQ Dinner. Love the overall look of deco & ambience:)
Concert billboard I've designed under Asia Promote for the Sultan Mizan Concert.
The billboard  located at one of the main street in KT

Book binding workshop - day 02

Showing off their silkscreen drawing
photo session 
I really hope the skill they had learnt could be utilise further and I am hoping to see and hear the progress from them. Some of them doesn't have any art background but skillfully as a tailor, and that helps them to catch the skill pretty fast especially book binding session.

It was quite sad to say goodbye to all of them: Hope to see you guys again:(
To Lina & Ita..you guy rocks.. TQ..mmmuuahhh:)

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Blossom inch said...

awesome bengkel kak syam and great that everyone cliqued well - job well done! see you soon!