Monday, October 24, 2011

Mmmmm Mmmmm

Friend of mine posted this images from Toronto, Canada airport just now. The cover for the publication looks familiar... yup that's MY illustration on the cover. Published by publisher from Taiwan for worldwide distribution. Proud of it? sure I am, but getting the phone call from friend that being annoyed that my name did not credited on it.

I had mixture feeling, being angry while I do not bother to check because I do not even get my copy but got to buy and get it myself. Being not credited as a designer was a sensitive issue here. Being appreciated is another issue. But it is not worth being angry because this becoming like a normal situation for me at this moment. I am numb.

Oh God..I hope this is just some blues that I need to pass through//syam


Luthien Thye said...

hi Sham ... i am SO sorry to hear this. this is indeed something that you should not take lightly and should not blame yourself for talking about it. it NEEDS to be talked about. i dunno how the design/illustration industry works, but did you know that they bought your illustration? did they go thru the right channels to obtain your work?

i can feel how you are feeling now. it is because you are an artist in the heart. i am really sorry you had to have this experience. is there a way you can place a clause in your work next time, that the copyright belongs to you and if anyone needs to use it, give credit.

i too share your sentiments on crafters being not too appreciated here. that is becos we have been brought up to assume crafts are those things that people sell in central market. and they are supposed to be cheap.

tho i do feel now, there are places that do appreciate local artists such as Red Envelope. i know you sell there, i sold there once too. i also hope that places like Kita Kita(?) would also help bring the name of local crafters up a noch.

Little Syam said...

Hi Luthien,

Thanks for sharing the blues with me..the illustration was my contribution to be featured on local magazine for free. But they have submitted the magazine to be featured for the layout inside, but the publisher was interested on the cover to be featured as their cover for free. I am being so excited about their idea, and money is never an issue...

At least have courtesy to credit my name and it is clear that I am not working for the magazine for them to simply credit just the magazine and their designer name.

I thought being featured as a cover was such a big deal. And for a magazine that featuring designer as their topic don't they have certain respect for the profession at least..and some more for FREE.

As a crafter for being not appreciated by audience is another thing but if we amongst crafter do not appreciate and respect what others doing is such a pathetic state. There are people being opportunist of others effort.

I really feel tired sometimes..but I have to bounce back..and that's the only way...

Glad to hear and share your opinion on this..thanks a lots:)

Blossom inch said... got to contact the publisher and sue them! do not keep quiet!