Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrate Every Single Beads of Life

I would like to introduce to all of you to my extremely talented jewelry designer friend; Gigi Gee. Knowing her personally for her expertise in polymer clay beads and following the style that she has developed during these 7 years what make me admire her even more. 

She had achieved a higher level and knowing her for constantly develop further and for never being satisfied at certain level and stick to the same feel & look.

 I am trill the fact that she produces unexpected beautiful outcome with full of surprises in every latest collection.

Enjoy an aesthetic on every beads, colours, texture, pattern..such an inspirational piece. What you see just small bit of her collection. Contact her directly at if you interested to purchase her collection. Like her here:)



Unknown said...

syam at last i made some polymer mcm gigi heheh... will take photos n upload... tell her that she gave me some inspiration to add to my design..... n guess what i met up w mel - blackswan design last sat craft 2.0 n had a good chat w her..... n she still harrassing me abt the blog n website hahaha.... went there w kazi.... had a good craft party kat my pl last sat 22 oct. alhamdulillah

Little Syam said...

hi Dija,

glad you made it...what Kazi kat sana dah? You met Mel..that was wonderful....craft party was such a good idea...lah..mmmm bila lah nak pergi NZ ni...