Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Time Flies

My white Daffodil produced the flower again, two branch in a go. My mom gave me this plant 7 years ago, and I am waiting for the flower to come out only once in every 3 or 4 months...Last flower was in June. To look at it make me so happy and it reminded me of my beloved mom....I felt so comfort just by looking at it...rindu makkkk:(

I am glad the communication collateral job was finally over...Work in such speed does happened a lot in previous job... but I never imagine it gonna be happened now but to have a good client was essential and hard to resist. Another submission of exciting proposal tomorrow too and I am off to Terengganu from Thursday to Sunday. 

This time not for holiday but for my LittleSyam art and craft workshop for Sultan Mizan Cup. Act as course presenter with assistance of Lina & Eita. Starting with simple silkscreen course on the first day follows by book binding workshop on the second day. Targeted single mother and housewives in rural areas, which the first batch of 30 participants are from Persatuan wanita Kg Mangkok, Setiu and from the Batu Rakit community.

The objective of the workshop is to enhance the skills of this women, to empower them and hopefully could help to boost cottage industries in Terengganu. (source from WF, APV)

Another interesting journey and will share photos with you soon. All materials will be transported to Terengganu Wednesday morning..and I am ready to catch the flight early morning Thursday...yeaaayy.

More job waiting when I am coming back to KL but gonna have fun and spending my quality time in Terengganu. Squeezing myself with a BIG help from Lina doing the menu proposal for an exciting restaurant. If things went through, I'll be busy executing the finishing before their new menu launching by midst Oct. 

Not forgetting my first day teaching at Dasein Thursday next week.. I am formulating my own method to make my class exciting. Gonna make my magic wand work...Larry I miss you:( 

Alhamdullillah for all the great day:)


Blossom inch said...

have fun in Terengganu and syukur banyak job kan...see rezeki ada di mana mana Kak Syam. Your last post, a lots of students datang for book binding ye...good good for you. Take care and hugs.

Little Syam said...

Hi Yuzz, how was your day?...Yup I believe rezeki can be found anywhere as long as rajin, ikhlas & jujur. I am gonna have fun at Terengganu..can't wait:)

take care & hugs to you too:)