Friday, October 14, 2011

Small Little Thing That Make Me Happy:)

Busy week with small little thing that make me happy:) I had an interview and visit on Tuesday from a writer, Lee Kuen. I had fun teaching her kettle stitch and what a good idea having her to experience how to make book.

2 orders that make me smile and design plus finished artwork for a menu...going to be launch by end of month for Singapore & Malaysia... My first day at Dasein yesterday.. and I 've been talking a lot more than I can imagine....Get to know 21 students and I am sure we will have fun this whole semester.

YES my live kind of fill up with happy bird lately:)
Just a hint.. will post a real article & real menu soon..small little thing that make me grin from ear to ear.. I hope you have a great week too.

Take care//syam


Blossom inch said...

Have a great week Kak Syam and hope things will always be bright and cheerful on your side and alhamdulillah rezeki ada di mana mana. Betul tak?


Little Syam said...

Yuzz, thanks for your word of encouragement..cheers to a brighter tomorrow..and many more to come:)

hugs back:)

Mescrap said...

Congratulation for the interview and the first day school.