Wednesday, February 02, 2011

yeaaayyyy balik kampung time:)

Meet up with old friend of mine, Amanda before she gone back to Dubai.. and Mary, friend that live in KL but hardly see each other. Used to work with them 6 years back in Aquaria...Time separates people apart..and to see them again was really make me happy, long chat strolling down memory lane..laughing at some silly stuff. Till we meet again folk.

I am so looking forwards balik kampung... heard that there are flood everywhere...Will be off from thurs till weekends..glad and happy to be away from the mess, and to be able to refresh my put job aside for a while even I know that many things waiting for my attention when I am coming back...

Till then, have a nice break everyone..happy chinese new year and do drive safely during this festive season...take care//syam

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