Sunday, February 06, 2011

looking forwards for busy-busy week

The break kind of short but i feel fresh and look forwards to finish  a few projects. Going to finalise location of my bookbinding workshop and will publish it very SOON. Gonna be a very busy week as usual, with a few things need to be submitted within this week and this month:

1) Consignment order from Tropical Spices Garden (longggggg delayed)
2) Materials for book binding workshop - I expecting 10 students will turn up.
3) PM 2nd presentation.
4) Commission job for japanese binding
5) P&C pitching job
6) Hanging mobile order for wedding x40

Will most probably participate in Etsy Market at The Bee Jaya One on 19 february under group of My Glass Cubicle. Need to do craft stock, hope be able to produce new products....all this gonna make me a busy bee......pheeeeewww.

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